Corries Kelly murder fears as fans predict Abis sick revenge plot after truce

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Coronation Street 's Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) may have let slip hoer sinister plot as she continued to target teenager Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) tonight.

In the Boxing Day episode, Abi followed Kelly to Speed Dahl as she settled down to have a meal with Aadi and his dad Dev.

As Abi continued to try and intimidate Kelly, she then dropped a sinister hint that she would "put Kelly to bed" as she spoke to Debbie Webster.

As Dev turned around to scold her for her comments, it seems Abi is forming a revenge plan in her head to finally get revenge on Kelly.

The teenager had a huge part to play in Seb Franklin's death, as she was originally sentenced to murder, despite it being Corey who landed the killer blow.

However, spoilers have revealed that Kelly and Abi could end up coming to an unlikely truce after they see each other at an NA meeting.

As the pair see each other and eventually realise they're more similar than they realised, it seems they could agree to try and start on a fresh page.

Millie told Metro about their interaction: "‘She doesn’t want to rattle Abi’s feathers but she sees Abi start to kind of relate to her and I think they both subtly realise that. It is start of a truce, a moment at least. Abi sees Kelly as the past her."

But could Abi try and feign forgiving Kelly to lure her into a false sense of security and finally get her revenge?

One fan posted: "'I've thought of a way of putting Kelly to bed' – No, Abi. Don't you dare think about offing her and borrowing one of George's coffins."

Another added: "Abi – 'I've thought of a way of putting Kelly to bed.’ Wonder what are the chances of that coffin Eileen got coming in handy?!"

A third chipped in: "Surely Abi's not actually gona kill her? Cos all that would achieve is a life sentence for murder & making her every bit as bad as Corey & 10 times worse than Kelly."

Could Abi end up killing Kelly to try and avenge the death of her beloved son Seb?

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