Corrie star 'refuses to feel sh*tty' as she shares inspiring message

Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon is basically all of us as the has proclaimed that she refuses to ‘feel sh*tty’ about eating what she chooses as she has recently been battling negative thoughts about her appearance. However, she has shared an inspiring Insagram post telling her followers that life is too short to let others or your own negative feelings dictate you. And we are totally here for it!

Lucy, who plays Bethany Platt in the show and will bow out of the role next year when her contract ends, admitted that she had been having hang ups about herself. But her followers – including colleagues Alexandra Mardell and Bhavna Limbachia – were full of praise for her message in which she declared that she refused to feel ‘sh*tty’ about herself.

She wrote: ‘For the past few months, I have been really really battling with the negative thoughts my head constantly produces about my body. I look at pics on Instagram and I automatically start comparing every part of myself to that picture. It’s ridiculous. And it seems like all I have to do is look at a burger these days and feel like I’ve put on 10 stone.

‘BUT let’s be kinder to ourselves. And each other. I will eat a kit kat if I feel like it and maybe I will order 2 takeaways in a week but I refuse to let anyone make me feel shitty about it. Own what you’ve got and love it because I think we know all too well that life is short and precious. Eat that burger babe x and enjoy it x (sic)’.

Lucy recently told in an interview that she hopes that her character isn’t killed off as she wants the opportunity to potentially revisit Bethany one day.

Bosses are currently working on a major exit storyline for her.

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