Coronation Street’s Gemma risks quads’ lives as she pushes them in front of car

Coronation Street's Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is set for an emotional breakdown, after she risks the lives of her quadruplets.

Next week, Coronation Street spoilers have confirmed that the babies will be put in danger when she pushes them in front of an oncoming car by accident.

The week starts out with Gemma being frazzled after yet another sleepless night.

Her mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) soon turns up and has a look at the mess in No5, quickly realising that Gemma isn't coping well.

Gemma tells her mum that she's fine, but Bernie is having none of it and suggests they go out for some tea and leave the babies with Paul (Peter Ash) and Billy (Daniel Brocklebank).

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The new mum is anxious about leaving her quads though so insists that she'd rather stay in.

Later in the week, at Baby Senses, Gemma introduces Bernie to her friends Imogen and Vanessa, though they're off with her.

Gemma suggests they meet up later, however the women make out that they can't as they're seeing an old friend.

However, in the ginnel, Gemma hears sounds of a party coming from Imogen's house on Mawdesley Street and she's upset to realise they lied to her.

Bernie forces her way into Imogen's harden and has a go at her for lying to Gemma.

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Gemma stands guard over the babies' cribs and insists she's fine when Bernie begs her to admit she could go with some help.

On Friday though, things go from bad to worse after Vanessa apologises to Gemma for the apparent "misunderstanding" over the party, inviting her for lunch instead.

Gemma's happy to get invited, but they soon ply her with prosecco and she overhears them slagging her off behind her back.

Upset, she grabs the buggy and heads out but doesn't see an oncoming car as she steps out into the road.

Luckily, the car screeches to a halt and misses Gemma and the babies.

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A police officer realises that Gemma has been drinking.

Gemma then admits to her mum that she endangered the babies' lives, that she hasn't slept for weeks, that she's constantly worried about the quads and that she's a hopeless mum.

Bernie tells her she should speak to Chesney (Sam Aston) and to tell him how she's feeling.

Gemma says she wants to be left alone though, but soon breaks down in the garden when she hears her babies crying.

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