Coronation Street stars angry as nails from building work puncture their tyres

Coronation Street stars feel let down because nails from set-building work keep puncturing their tyres.

Actor Tony Maudsley, 52, who plays George Shuttleworth, thought he was being targeted by a "nasty gremlin" after he kept getting nails in the same tyre.

He was less than impressed and took to Twitter to moan that each run flat kept setting him back £160 each time.

Other members of the cast and crew who use Corrie’s car park in MediaCityUK, Salford, Greater Manchester, have also been hit.

Tony, who played colourful hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke in Benidorm, said he was considering getting a broom fitted to the front of his motor to sweep the nails away before he runs over them.

Now confused about the situation, Tony took to social media to share his distress and turned his suspicions towards an unlikely suspect.

Now fed up, he tweeted: "How do I keep getting nails in the same tyre?"

Before adding: "Another £160 down the drain.

"I'm convinced some nasty gremlin is chasing me about town with a hammer and a tool box!"

The ITV show's location manager Noami Sloyan was quick to respond, confirming that the damaging particles were actually a "common issue" for many.

Providing reassurance that someone wasn't out to get Tony, she told him: "From the car park at Corrie. So much set construction using nails and screws.

"They are everywhere. Common problem and a pain in the a***."

Now aware that the screws and nails weren't solely an issue for him Tony chirped back: "Ahh… I did wonder."

It seems he still hadn't given up on his first plan, which was to attach a nifty sweeping device to his vehicle to prevent any further damage to his costly tyres.

He added: "I'll have to get a couple of brooms fitted to my front bumper!"

Tony Maudsley is an English actor and comedian, better known for his flamboyant role on ITV hit comedy series Benidorm.

He joined the Coronation Street cast earlier this year, taking on the role of George Shuttleworth.

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