Coronation Street star on Nina's jeopardy after previous brain injury

Scenes coming up in Coronation Street in the new year will see Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) in a fight for her life when she falls into an icy river and knocks herself unconscious.

The drama unfolds after Nina, along with Brian (Peter Gunn) and Asha (Tanisha Gorey), goes looking for Roy (David Neilson) who has headed to a remote woodland location for a night-time bat hunt.

What he doesn’t know is that the event has been cancelled, so his friends go to look for him and are shocked to find his car abandoned and his thermos flask floating in the river.

At that moment Nina panics, convinced that Roy has fallen into the water in the dark and drowned.

‘She freaks out completely and goes down the slippy bank of the river believing something terrible has happened to Roy,’ Mollie Gallagher told us. At this point Nina slips, banging her head and falling into the dark waters of the river.

‘Everyone is really worried about her as she has already had a brain injury and she is knocked out cold and has to be dragged out of the river,’ Mollie said.

In 2021 Nina and Seb (Harry Visinoni) were attacked by Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) and his gang and were severely beaten. Nina recovered from the brain injury she sustained, but Seb died following the beating.

Nina’s previous injury gives everyone huge concern, Mollie told us. ‘No one knows how serious it is, she has knocked herself out but also she has been in freezing cold water. Brian and Asha are doing as much as they can but it is terrifying for them.’

While the scenes look hugely dramatic on-screen and the outcome for Nina and Roy remains in the balance, Mollie told us that she really enjoyed filming on location – but it wasn’t always a pleasant experience.

‘I love being on location and I love night shoots as well,’ she said.

‘I’m a night owl so that doesn’t bother me but I don’t think I had realised how cold the water would be. I knew it was cold water but it was a lot colder. First I thought, Oh my God, I’ve only got my feet in at this moment and I’m already freezing cold. I had so many hot showers when I got home after lying in that muddy cold river!’

She wasn’t alone in the river, either. ‘The worst part about being in the water was the fish!’ she laughed. ‘I was actually freaking out at the fish swimming around me. The crew were laughing saying you are lying in muddy cold water and it’s the fish that are bothering you! They were cute but just not something I expected!

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