Coronation Street spoilers: Kidnap horror for Gemma Winter as son Aled is taken

CORONATION Street bosses are lining up a kidnap ordeal for Gemma Winter as her son Aled is snatched. 

Aled was diagnosed with profound permanent hearing loss in both ears last year in the ITV soap.

Chesney was thrilled when his son’s consultant confirmed that he’s an ideal candidate for a cochlear implant operation, but Gemma remained concerned about the risks of the operation.

Viewers will remember that she invited her old friend Freda – who is also deaf – to come round and talk about the pros and cons of the procedure. 

Next week, however, Freda starts to get overly involved when she learns that Gemma has gone to the hospital to meet other mothers whose kids have cochlear implants.

Gemma assures Freda that, after the operation, they’ll still maintain links with other deaf people, but Freda isn’t convinced.

When Bernie asserts that Aled will be able to live a 'normal' life after his operation, Freda is hurt.

Later, Freda offers to take Aled for a walk when she realises Gemma is stressed.

However, on the way out, she overhears Bernie and Chensey discussing the hassle of attending deaf groups and how it’d be easier if Aled was able to talk properly and fit in. 

When Freda doesn’t return, Gemma panics that she’s snatched Aled.

Meanwhile, viewers will see Freda showing Aled a website dedicated to successful deaf people in the community centre.

When she sees Gemma peering in at the window, she signs that she’s busy.

With the help of the interpreter, who has arrived to discuss Norris’ funeral plans, Gemma tries to get through to Freda but she refuses to hand Aled over.

Chesney arrives, but will they be able to get Freda to come out before Aled misses his operation?

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