Coronation Street fans heartbroken as Seb returns in harrowing flashback scenes

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Coronation Street fans were left emotional on Monday night when Seb Franklin returned to the ITV soap in harrowing scenes from the night he was killed.

Actor Harry Visinoni made a return as Seb, appearing in a number of flashback scenes as Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) began remembering more from that tragic night.

As Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) continued to tell his solicitor that he was innocent, Nina geared up to face the killer in court.

But fans couldn't get over seeing Seb alive and well again, with the flashback scenes showing happy moments as well as some of the violence.

One said: "Please I can't with seeing Seb's little face. Him and Nina have my heart."

Another wrote: "I wish Seb wasn't killed off he was such a great character," adding a crying emoji and the heartbroken one too.

A third tweeted: "Wow! That entire opening was so powerful. It hit me so hard already to see the flashbacks with Seb, they were so happy."

Meanwhile, others were delighted to see a real kiss between Nina and Seb, as Covid restrictions had meant the actors couldn't be near each other before.

"We finally get a Seb/Nina kiss and he's f***ing dead," said one.

Another wrote: "Nina and Seb were such an awesome couple, breaks my heart!"

Someone else said: "Seb and Nina's kiss was so beautiful."

And fourth added: "Should have kept Seb. Would have been a good pairing."

Nina went back to the waste grounds to try and get her memories going, after she started having flashbacks to the fateful night.

She remembered seeing Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) drinking with Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) and going over to check she was ok, rather than going a different way home with Seb.

The grieving character said: "I wanted to see if they were ok. If I hadn't, then things would've been different."

Meanwhile, Corey was speaking to his lawyer, trying to pin everything on Kelly, saying: "I swear on my life, my family's life, everyone's – Kelly Neelan lost the plot, kicking out at him as he was laid out, laughing and kicking and kicking."

But Nina had a breakthrough as she remembered the attack, telling Abi (Sally Carman) that she'd seen who the one who had got Seb – Corey, and not Kelly.

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