Coronation Street fans baffled by Gary Windass wardrobe blunder in prison

Coronation Street fans were perplexed on Monday evening when they watched a scene play out in Weatherfield prison.

Gary Windass and Johnny Connor chatted between themselves, only for a fellow inmate – Kai – to stir trouble.

Johnny, played by Richard Hawley, wore the same uniform as the rest of the prisoners, complete with a pale blue sweatshirt and trackie bottoms.

Gary (Mikey North), however, wore his regular clothes, leaning back on a chair in a pair of blue denim jeans and a top.

Watching from home, viewers were baffled by the scene, as they wondered why Gary was permitted to wear his own clothes.

One Twitter user said: "This is may be a silly question but Why does Gary wear normal clothes in prison?"

"Gary must be the only prisoner that gets clothes sent in," added a second.

And a third remarked: "How come Gary gets to wear his own clothes? Lol."

"Why is Gary not wearing prison uniform," asked a fourth.

Gary is in prison after taking the blame for the assault of Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), even though his sister Faye was the true culprit.

Johnny, meanwhile, is doing time after confessing to the assault of a security guard several decades ago.

They have been giving each other support while in the clink, but Gary has grown increasingly concerned for Johnny's health in recent weeks.

On Monday evening, Kai accused Johnny of trying to sabotage his drug empire behind bars, convinced he was secretly dealing after spying his medication stash.

Johnny suffers from MS and was also recently diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, which has been causing hallucinations.

His doctor prescribed a range of medications to treat his conditions – pills Kai mistook for hard drugs.

Gary tried to encourage Kai to lay off Johnny, hoping to save his friend from undue trouble in the clink.

Unfortunately, Kai burst into Johnny's room when he was alone, and beat him to the ground, leaving him bleeding.

Johnny survived the attack, but combined with his underlying conditions, his health has taken a serious turn.

Can Gary help to pull him out of a downward spiral?

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