Christy Carlson Romano Reenacts Iconic Even Stevens Song for Moon Landing Anniversary

Talk about a blast from the past!

Christy Carlson Romano posted a very special episode of her YouTube cooking show this week, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

Reuniting with her Even Stevens costar Lauren Frost, in the latest episode of “Christy’s Throwback Kitchen,” the pair were all set to start making “lunar cheese,” before Frost shared that she couldn’t help but be reminded of an iconic song Romano sang on the Disney Channel series.

Bringing up “We Went to the Moon in 1969,” an informative ditty Carlson’s character Ren improvises during a class presentation, Frost encouraged her pal to see if she still remembered all the words.

Right there in her kitchen, the 35-year-old actress launched into a reenactment of the song — complete with an extra special visit by George Anthony Bell, who played Principal Wexler on the show.

With an eye for detail, Romano even recreated the outfit she wore 17 years earlier in the show, opting for a purple shirt with a pink top.

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However, it turned out the Even Stevens reunion was too good to be true.

Much like in the actual episode, it turns out the whole experience was just a dream and Carlson wakes up to the sound of one of her daughters crying.

Fully snapping out of it, the actress finds herself sitting in her kitchen in her pajamas before calling out to her real-life husband Brendan Rooney

“Brendan can you make me some coffee please?” she asks, as the video comes to a close.

Although it’s been over a decade since the episode first aired, Romano isn’t the person who still knows all the words.

Last September, Cardi B uploaded a video of herself singing the song, asking her followers who else remembered the tune.

“I’m mad that I still know that song after all these years,” the 26-year-old rapper jokingly added after going through several lines of the tune.

Asking her followers for a little help figuring out why she knew the song, Cardi captioned the clip by asking, “Where this song from?”

Giving the rapper a hint, Romano went on to repost the video, writing, “Hey @iamcardib I think I know who sang this…”

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