Chloe Ferry shows off her very messy house with clothes everywhere amid coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry gave fans a glimpse of her very messy house today as she remains indoors amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 24-year-old, who only recently purchased the impressive £1million pad, revealed piles of clothes in various rooms – and insisted she couldn't sort it out because she had no coat hangers.

In both her bedroom and dressing room there were outfits strewn all over the place – and even hair extensions lying around.

The Geordie Shore star told her followers: “I need to tidy this room tomorrow but I can’t hang anything up because I don’t have any hangers.”

The star first revealed the huge house last month after moving there following her split from Sam Gowland.

Speaking about the property at the time, she said: "What I really like about the house is it's got a lot of space when you walk in. I like the big rooms."

The reality star, who is now a millionaire, purchased the house off the back of her monster earnings over the last two years.

She runs two firms to handle cash from her telly work, Instagram earnings, personal appearances and beauty products range.

Meanwhile, the star has been on a health kick in recent months and is looking great, but she admits her motivation has waned since the alarming spread of Covid-19.

Speaking in her Instagram story, she said: "In the last couple of month I've been training every single day, and I've lost a lot of weight.

"But obviously with everything that's going on and stuff, and the gyms closing, and everyone's training in the house and garden, but I don't think I'm gonna, ya know.

"I'm actually enjoying eating bad every single night. Watch how quick I put weight on.

"I can look at a bit of bread and I'm f*****g 5lbs up."

Yesterday the UK coronavirus death toll hit 422 as a study claimed up to HALF the population may have caught the killer bug.

Deaths jumped by 87 in just 24 hours on Tuesday – the biggest daily increase yet – with the youngest victim killed by the virus aged just 33.

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