Casualty fans ecstatic as Connie and Jacob reunite in steamy hospital romp

Casualty fans were excited to see Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) get together during Saturday night's episode.

The tension was clear between the duo from the start of the episode, which saw Jacob on his first shift as Clinical Nurse Manager.

The two of them seemed to rub each other up the wrong way as Connie took over on a job, and they met up later on to put things to bed.

Only, as they agreed they wouldn't step on each other's toes, the sexual tension was off the charts and they rushed together for a steamy clinch.

Jacob lifted Connie up off her feet and laid her down on the office desk before things were cut to black and viewers' imaginations were left to run wild.

And it's safe to say they were happy about the sordid hospital romp, taking to Twitter in their droves.

One joked: "Well that's going to take some cleaning up! All fun and games until somebody has to pick stationary up!"

Another wrote: "Straight from some deaths to a cheeky sh**. Lovely."

A third said: "OMG! The argument, the kiss, the desk, just everything. I'm actually speechless. OMG! Wow!"

Someone else commented: "Really hope nobody walks by Connie's office or they'll get an eyeful."

And a fifth added: "S*** the bed I wasn't expecting that. Get in there I knew that they couldn't hide their true intentions for any longer. I'm so happy right now."

While another tweeted: "Cause of death: Connie and Jacob office scene 2.0."

It's lucky the episode ended on a high for viewers, as it will be the last they see for a while.

The episode which aired tonight was the last produced before the coronavirus lockdown.

It's not yet known when the show will return, however fans are speculating it might not be until December or even next year.

But what will be in store for Connie and Jacob when the show is back?

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