Carol McGiffin throws shade at ‘manipulative’ Chris Evans in venomous outburst

Carol McGiffin took a series swipe at her ex-husband Chris Evans in an explosive tirade on Loose Women.

The Loose Women panelist let her anger erupt when she branded her ex "manipulative" as she only discussed their marriage on Thursday's segment.

Her venomous comments about her former flame were sparked as the Loose Women discussed whether getting married young is a good idea.

Carol went as far to question why she got married in the first place in her scathing put-down of her ex-husband on daytime television.

She cried: "I don't know! I was just swept along – at the time I convinced myself I couldn't live without him."

"He was very manipulative. Anyone who thinks I married him for his money, that's nonsense because I had more money than him at the time," she continued.

Carol claimed he would be nothing without her and was determined to make it work but she admitted she is glad it all went a big wrong at the time it did.

They tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in 1991 before they went their separate ways in 1993.

Carol is happily re-married to her husband Mark Cassidy as she put her heartache from her first marriage behind her.

The TV star kept her second marriage under wraps for a year.

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