Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase set after players huge risk Get out the way!

The Chase: Bradley Walsh acts as if he's a panelist

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Bradley Walsh ended up walking off the set of The Chase in disbelief after a player was offered £100,000 by Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha. The contestant, named Gordon, was the last player standing on Friday’s instalment of the ITV show and Bradley took a minute away to comprehend the generous offer, telling Gordon to “get out the way”.

The 61-year-old host was gobsmacked when The Sinnerman offered Gordon a huge jackpot of £100,000 on Friday’s episode of the popular quiz programme.

Reacting to the offer, Bradley stormed off the set after telling Gordon to “get out the way” while he took a moment out of the spotlight to compose himself.

Bradley then walked over to the contestants’ panel which was empty as three players had already been sent home, leaving Gordon as the last contestant left to try and beat the Chaser.

Leaning on the panel, Bradley said: “Gordon, how are you seriously feeling?”

Gordon told the host he was feeling as “confident” as he could be in the high-pressure situation.

Bradley explained: “Here’s the thing, if you go for the £5,000 and you lose, you won’t come back anyway and you’d pick your best player to take [The Sinnerman] on for £1,000 each.

“If you go high and go out, you come back in anyway and play for £1,000. So not guts, no glory – what do you think mate?”

Gordon smiled and decided to play for £100,000 and Bradley joined him and the Chaser for the round.

Once Gordon accepted the huge offer, Bradley quipped: “£100,000 – I love it. Are you ready to play?

“This is absolutely brilliant, you’ve got to give it a go haven’t you?”

A determined Gordon replied: “Absolutely Bradley, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Gordon got off to a good start, but The Sinnerman was quick to close in on him after he answered a couple of questions incorrectly.

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