Bradley Walsh left in hysterics by The Chase player using ‘Ip Dip Do’ for answer

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The Chase'sBradley Walsh was left in hysterics by a player's unconventional method of choosing a money offer.

Katrina was the last contestant to face off against The Beast during Monday's episode of the ITV gameshow.

Chaser Mark Labbett made Katrina choose between a low offer of minus £4,000, £1,000 and a whopping £55,000.

After dismissing the low offer straight out, Katrina was left to decide between the £1,000 she'd secured in the cashbuilder and the higher offer.

And, torn between her choices, she decided to let the popular children's rhyme of 'Ip Dip Do' make the choice for her.

"That's never happened in 11 years!" Bradley giggled. "Someone's ip dipped it!"

Mark chimed in: "There's nothing you can say about that."

While Bradley replied: "So clever! I love it. You're great fun."

Katrina ended up playing for £1,000 – but was unfortunately caught by Mark, leaving her fellow three players in the final chase.

But some social media users were convinced she'd "thrown" the result of her Ip Dipping, as she ended the rhyme with "out goes you" instead of "I choose you" – thus removing the high offer from the board.

"Out goes you/I choose you. She threw the result there #TheChase!" one wrote.

Another posted: "Ip dip doo… out goes you! Bye Katrina!" as Katrina bade farewell to her fellow players.

"Unlucky Katrina, but ip dip would not have worked well in the final chase!" someone else penned.

Someone else was in awe of her hilarious choice, with one writing: "Excellent tactic! I would also ip dip!"

The final three players were left to play for an impressive prize pot of £20,000.

And they eventually beat out The Beast with just one question left to go, one player insisting he was headed to Las Vegas to spend his winnings.

But many players were distracted by Richard's admission that he runs a Doctor Who YouTube channel, but admitted he hadn't quite gotten to Bradley's appearance as Graham O'Brien.

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