'Big Brother' Blowout: Devastating News from Home and the Return of 'BB20's' Tyler Crispen

Find out which HouseGuest has the best read on the whole house — and who admits they’re effectively blowing it with every move they make.

"Big Brother" may be life for the HouseGuests from the moment they step into that room, but it isn’t real life. This week, real life came crashing into the "Big Brother" house with a devastating loss for one who was riding a victory high.

The big event of the night was the veto competition, hosted by Season 20 favorite Tyler Crispen who had Analyse beside herself with ogling. She even went so far as to say his "BB" girl Angela had better watch out only to immediately retract it, worried Angela might get mad at her. And Angela, for what it’s worth, was pretty scary.

While Jessica and Kemi were on the block and poised to fight for their game lives, Isabella continued opening her mouth and blabbing everything to everyone, destroying her game even more. This time, she told Nicole that she had exposed the Black Widows to Jack, which just created an enemy in Nicole and later Jessica, after Nicole told her.

At least Isabella was able to acknowledge that she has a problem keeping her mouth shut and keeping secrets. What looked like Gr8ful allegiance may have just been bad gameplay. Well, it was bad gameplay either way, as there was no reason to expose this second alliance at this stage, but now we know there was no strategic thought behind it at all. Get out of here, girl!

Victory and Loss

The Veto competition was one of stacking, and once again Sam emerged triumphant. That makes him two for two in Vetoes and the only one to win this competition so far this summer. And this is a guy who is not in the power alliance so he better be careful. If they decide to notice him for the actual competition threat he is instead of targeting people of color, for whatever reasons, he could be in big trouble.

Luckily, Jack has decided that Jessica and Kemi were the biggest dangers in the house. He can now say it was because of the Black Widows, but he’s not targeting Nicole and he’s been after them since effectively Day One. It’s not patently obvious why, but it’s certainly suggestively obvious. Just ask live feed viewers what they think of the Jacks this season.

Regardless, for now Sam was riding high and feeling the anxiety of this second Veto victory when he got a crushing letter from home. His grandfather had passed away.

It was a genuinely moving and emotional scene for Jack, as the HouseGuests rallied around him in support. He was able to eulogize his grandfather, who he said reminded him to never lose focus on his family and the reason he was in the house, but it was tough he couldn’t spend this grieving time with his family … or really take the time to grieve at all.

He had a Veto decision to make and he went with the safest option. He may not see what’s going on in the house completely, but he knows better than to paint a bigger target on his back by going against the HOH.

High Seer David

It’s a shame that David was eliminated via the Banishment twist (during which Michie targeted the three people of color and the oldest person in the house — but you draw your own conclusions there, too) because he is proving one savvy non-player. In one quick rundown he almost nailed the entire power structure of the house.

He quickly singled out the Jacks as the leaders and identified six of the Gr8ful eight. And the other two he saw as a mini-alliance, just missing that they were also part of the larger group. It was an impressive rundown for a guy who spent one day in the house at the top and only just returned. Meanwhile, Ovi (who has been there since Day One), seems to have picked up on nothing that’s going on.

At this point, either Kemi or Jessica is going to join David and Ovi in Camp Comeback and we’re still rooting for David to win his way back into the house. His solid read at this stage is impressive, and it’s intel he could definitely use to his advantage. It’s a longshot for any of them to advance, but he’s perhaps got the best shot of infiltrating and causing chaos.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Jack continues to hold the top spot in the house, ruling with an almost iron fist without even trying to. He does tend to push to get his way, but everyone is bending over backwards to give it to him. It’s kind of impressive in a Paul Abrahamian kind of way, and we saw how that worked out. Grade: A

Michie might eventually surpass Jack, only because he is tight with his bro but apparently is so damned charismatic and charming with everyone else he even got Jessica to choose him to fight for her in the Veto over Nicole. That is crazy, but a testament to the strength of his social game. Grade: A-

Tommy is getting a slight edge over his fellow Gr8ful teammates because of his own stellar social game. This guy is beloved by everyone in the house and no one think he’s in an alliance with anyone. He’s not anyone’s target, then, and he looks like a free agent, which is a great spot to be in. Grade: B+

Holly, Christie, Analyse and Nick are the center of Gr8ful. They’re essential to its voting bloc power and they’re enjoying the fruits of being a part of it. Thus, they’re not really doing much else right now and they kind of don’t have to. Grade: B

Isabella is dropping fast here now that we know she’s effectively playing with no strategy but to run to random people and blab her secrets to them without any thought of consequences. Outing herself to Nicole served no purpose and only hurt her game even more. She’s really bad at this game and lucky to be a part of the power alliance. Grade: C+

Sam is proving himself a competition beast, but he’s also done Gr8ful’s bidding for two weeks now, even if unknowingly. That makes him an outside ally, which isn’t great in the long term, but it gives him time to try and make some moves. Grade: C+

David isn’t even in this game and he’s impressing us with how well he sees what’s going on. He’s probably the most perceptive person in the house, followed by Nicole, and yet for the time being, he can’t do anything with it. If he gets back into the game, though, he could really shake things up. Grade: C

Cliff is in the same boat as Tommy, being a guy no one is really targeting. But he’s also just floating through the game thus far and with an eight-person alliance, that means he’s on the path to an early nomination if they stay in power. He has no alliances and has shown no real aptitude for forming one or even strategizing. Grade: C-

Kathryn is still steeped in paranoia, and Michie really want to cut her loose for personal reasons. She has no allegiance to anyone and she isn’t as well liked as Cliff or Tommy. All of that spells an easy target that won’t ruffle a lot of feathers in the house. Grade: D+

Ovi is out of the game, clueless about the game and we’d be surprised if he’s able to find his way back into the game. He’s just kind of there at this point, but what exactly is he doing to secure his future? Grade: D

Jessica isn’t currently the target this week, but that only means she’ll be the target next week. Lying to Michie about the Black Widows alliance was strategy, but it could also backfire as Michie is more likely to believe Isabella’s admission of it which only makes Jess look like a liar, too. She’s been a target since the beginning for no logical reason, and we don’t see that changing until she’s out. Grade: D-

Kemi might as well be voted out already. She’s a smart player, but she maybe played her hand too soon or maybe she’s being unfairly targeted. Either way, there’s not much she can do about any of it at this point except prepare to enter Camp Comeback. Unfortunately, even if she returns she’ll only become a huge target for Gr8ful again … especially if Jack or Michie are in power or still have influence, which you know they will. Grade: F

House Chatter

"Someone’s giving Jack the wrong information and I need to find out who that is… so I can get back at them." -Jessica (after getting nominated)

"I had to tell Jack about Black Widow to save our game. I don’t want either of us to go on the block next week for not telling Jack there was an alliance." -Isabella"Yeah, but I feel like you and I are f–ked. Especially me, because you told him. I didn’t." -Nicole (pretty much)

"This is my problem. I want to be in an alliance with everyone, but then I can’t keep my mouth shut … It’s really not good for my game." -Isabella (yuuuup!)

I’m not even a stab-you-in-the-back kind of person. I’m more like spin you around and slit your throat. Oh my god, don’t air that." -Kemi (pretending she wants to befriend Jack after getting nominated)

"I’m just telling you so it doesn’t turn around and bite you in the ass." -Nicole (telling Jessica Isabella told Jack about Black Widows)"It already bit my big ass." -Jessica (on the block)

"I think I have the whole house figured out. It appears that the big two are Jack adn Michie. Then from there, there’s Holly and Sis [Analyse] are with them. And then Christie and Nick appear to complete the big alliance that is dominating the game so far. And there are tiers from there. Tommy seems to be the likable guy I don’t think anyone would want to put up. Nick and Bella have some kind of connection. Outside of that, I feel like my three banishment partners, Cliff, Kemi, Jessica really don’t know what’s going on. And Sam is not part of any aliance that I"m aware of. He’s just a wild card I would love to have on my team." -David (pretty damned close, except underestimating the size of the big alliance)

"I kind of want to cause chaos. I was already out and I feel like I have a lot less to lose." -David

"Jessica, why are you picking Michie? I’m sitting here. If I win it, I’ll take you off, we’ll both be safe, all will be well with the world. Come on, girl!" -Nicole

"It seems like these people have zero idea what’s going on in this game." -David (after Jessica chose Michie)

"Sorry, I just realized what this conversation was." -Nicole (standing too long while Jessica pitches herself to Sam after his veto win)

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