'Below Deck:' Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter Dish About Their Least Favorite Charter Guests

From sourcing impossible to find alcohol to being jabbed for not smiling, chief stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck has (literally) seen it all.

When Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter appeared on the Watch What Happens Live After Show, they dished about which guest and which type of guests are the absolute worst. The duo are both seasoned yachties so they have an extensive library of guests cataloged in their brains.

The stews didn’t hold back. Carter shared which type of guest is likely to bring the biggest hassle to a charter. Plus Chastain revealed who was her favorite (and least favorite) charter guest of all time.

Friends of celebrities aren’t friends of the crew

A caller asked Carter which celebrity clients were the worst charter guests. Carter explained celebrities weren’t bad charter guests at all–it was their entourage that presented problems.

He said the celebrity clients are very nice. But, “Their friends, it’s like their only chance to be on a yacht,” he describes. “So they are so excited to be on this yacht. They’re like the worst people.”

Carter went further and discussed the worst request he’s gotten too. While working in the Caribean, he had one client insist he “needed” a drink that could only be sourced from another island. “He got the helicopter to go to the other island to get five cans of this drink,” he recalled. “He took one sip and threw the rest away.”

Meanwhile, host, Andy Cohen asked the pair if he would be out of line asking for grilled cheese and a milkshake after a night of partying. Chastain said absolutely not because that’s what she’d want after a night of drinking too.

Who is the best and the worst?

Chastain probably gets this question a lot but was asked who was her favorite and least favorite on charter. “I really liked the Tap Out founder because he was so hot,” she remarks. “He had tattoos but he was really nice. He was edgy but nice.”

Then she dives into least favorite. “It was the girlfriend that was young, of an older gentleman,” Chastain recalls. “And I’ve had that relationship. But she talked in emoji’s like ‘AF’.”


Of course, when Chastain appeared on the show, one of Captain Lee Rosbach’s least favorite guest had yet to debut on Below Deck. This charter guest probably ranks as one of her least favorite too.

She was one of Captain Lee’s most annoying

Like Chastain, Rosbach has also seen it all. So when it came to his least favorite guests he cited the last charter guest on Below Deck season six as high on his list. In his blog, Rosbach wrote, “This was the 2nd most irritating charter that I have ever been witness to in my 6 years on the show.”

 Rosbach was referring to a charter guest named Krystal who screamed at her guests and pouted to the crew. When she became so intoxicated on charter she lashed out at the crew when they tried to move her from the aft deck to her cabin.

His worst guests were probably the men who were busted doing drugs on season one. “I kicked a group of charter guests off for drugs,” Rosbach told E News. “That’s not to say I haven’t had guests on board that have used drugs, but these people were being very obvious in their consumption.”

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