Below Deck boss opens up on awful coincidence after Captain Lees sons death

Below Deck season 9 preview

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The most recent outing of Below Deck saw Captain Lee open up more than ever before. It was an emotional series in season eight for the reality star as he was reunited with his surrogate son-at-sea, Eddie Lucas. Lee had also recently experienced a tragic loss in his family and unexpectedly opened up about it on the programme. In a recent interview, a producer on the hit Bravo show spoke out about the emotional scenes.

Season eight of Below Deck saw fan favourite Eddie make a comeback to Captain Lee’s yacht.

Viewers were thrilled to see the popular bosun and reality star return after he previously appeared on the show’s first three seasons.

Captain Lee also made it clear he was happy to have the young crew member back on board, as the pair share a special bond.

The recent series also saw a usually closed off Lee open up unexpectedly on camera about his family.

In one episode, the Captain was seated at dinner with charter guests Jackie and David Siegel.

As the couple detailed how they sadly lost their daughter to an overdose in 2015, Lee revealed that he’d experienced something similar.

He explained on-camera how he’d recently lost his son Joshua following a battle with addiction.

The scenes were a poignant moment of vulnerability that struck a chord with longtime viewers of Below Deck, who weren’t used to seeing the Captain being so emotional.

In a recent interview, producer Courtland Cox opened up about the unexpectedly emotional season.

He said: “On the heels of this incredibly awful tragedy that Lee and [his wife] Mary Anne suffered…to be able to have someone familiar like Eddie come back, when he has been like a son to Lee, it got magnified into this kind of amazing but awful coincidence.

“While you’re seeing what Lee went through and seeing what Eddie meant to him, it really puts it in perspective – how you’re making a TV show with real human stakes,” the producer added to Vanity Fair.

Viewers were quick to comment on the scenes, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One viewer wrote: “Captain Lee saying Eddie’s how he would have wanted his son to turn out had he lived is the most I have ever cried at Below Deck, in case you were wondering.”

Another added: “Watching Below Deck tonight and feel awful for @capthlr who lost his son to an opiate overdose. I can’t imagine what you are going through, Captain Lee. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“@capthlr Dear Captain Lee, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son, I watch below deck tonight and felt your pain, I found my husband two years ago also, passed away from opioids, when I heard you share that what you’re going through just want you send prayers,” a third fan wrote.

The season also saw the crew having to deal with the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic as concerns began to build.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the eighth season had to be edited remotely, creating a big challenge for production members.

“It’s mind-blowing when I think back on it, because it’s a monumental season to try to put together under terrible circumstances,” Courtland told the publication.

Courtland also confirmed that Lee and Eddie will be reunited, once again, in Below Deck’s upcoming series.

Below Deck season 9 premieres on Bravo on October 25.

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