BBC The Traitors fans spot exact second Hannah detects Wilfs betrayal after Kieran signal

BBC's hit new show, The Traitors finally came to an explosive end last night, with viewers of the show left reeling at the dramatic turn of events.

Ultimately, Aaron, Meryl and Hannah ended up walking away with the prize money of just over £100,000, meaning each would walk away with more than £33k.

They won after a nail-biting final, in which they, along with Kieran and Wilfred, were battling to win the prize money, as they correctly identified Wilfred as a Traitor.

Prior to the winner being revealed, the five finalists had to vote for someone who they thought was a "traitor" with everyone picking Kieran.

Eagle-eyed fans were 'buzzing as they noticed a key moment in proceedings – the point Hannah spotted her bestie Wilf's 'savage' betrayal.

It came as Kieran, who had been recruited by Wilfred as a traitor earlier in the week but had then been betrayed by him, appeared to give a very pointed look to Hannah, to indicate that Wilfred was the Traitor.

As the fivesome sat at the round table, intense music played as all of them were on the edge of their seats, and Hannah could be seen looking to Kieran who stared intently at her before throwing his eyes to Wilf. As the camera switched to Hannah you could see the exact moment it dawned on her what he was trying to do.

One viewer posted a clip of it to Twitter, as they wrote: "OMG I didn’t clock on to the eyes Kieran gives to Hannah to look at Wilf!!! A nation thanks you Kieran! #TheTraitors."

Many other viewers got involved as they commented on the post, with one writing: "Spotted it. Good on Kieran. Wilf betrayed all his fellow traitors. Have to say though, what a bloody good game he played. Kudos to all."

A third added: "Yeah saw that. Kieran saved the Faithfuls with his GENIUS “parting gift” comment and a simple glance."

Kieran didn't go out lying down, as he made a number of suggestive comments on his departure to indicate to the Faithfuls that Wilfred was in fact a Traitor.

Revealing the name he would have voted out – he had picked Wilfred – Kieran added in a savage dig: "Parting gift!"

And it was that remark that left the fellow contestants doubting Wilfred, who they had thought was a "Faithful".

Claudia revealed that the four finalists had two choices, they could either "end the game" if they truly believed everyone was a "Faithful" or "banish again" if they thought there was a "Traitor" amongst them still.

Meryl decided to end game, as well as Wilfred, but both Hannah and Aaron decided to "banish again" thanks to Kieran's cryptic comments earlier.

The three "Faithfuls" all picked Wilfred to be banished as he then emotionally revealed that he was in fact a "Traitor" to the group, leaving them in tears over the shock betrayal and news.


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