Anton Yelchin Documentary to Include Songs Written by Late Actor

A new clip from ‘Love, Antosha’ displays members of the ‘Star Trek’ star’s punk band, Hammerheads, recalling the time they worked together and talking about his dedication to his work.

AceShowbiz -A new documentary about late actor Anton Yelchin‘s life will feature original music recorded by the star before his death.

Love, Antosha” will include songs the “Star Trek” actor wrote with his punk band, Hammerheads.

In a new clip from the film, the group discusses Yelchin’s dedication to his work.

“Every time he came over, he brought about three songs with him, and he would play them three different ways,” recalls a band member. “It doesn’t matter how good you are, literally when you get together and share creativity in that way, something happens. We’re like a unit.”

The title of the project refers to the way the actor would sign letters he wrote to his mother, while the documentary traces Anton’s early years after his parents fled the Soviet Union in 1989, when their son was just six months old.

The project features interviews with Anton’s friends and colleagues, including Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and his “Star Trek” castmate Chris Pine.

“Love, Antosha” is directed by newcomer Garret Price and produced by Drake Doremus, who directed Yelchin in the indie love story “Like Crazy“.

The star was 27 when he was crushed to death by his own sports utility vehicle in a tragic accident.

The soundtrack to “Love, Antosha” debuts on 16 July, a month before the film’s release on 9 August.

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