Ant McPartlin’s ex Lisa Armstrong hints she's the ‘victim of a narcissist’ during toxic divorce battle

LISA Armstrong has hinted she is the "victim of a narcissist" as her divorce battle with ex Ant McPartlin rumbles on.

The professional make-up artist is thought to have rejected a settlement offer from telly favourite Ant in favour of a trial next year over his demands she signs a non-disclosure agreement.

She recently liked a post on Twitter that read: "A narcissist is always going to paint their victim as 'crazy' mentally ill, 'delusional' imagining the abuse, 'psycho' emotional.

"In fact, these are the top 3 projectory words that every narcissist uses. A victim of a narcissist however never refers to a narcissist this way."

It comes after The Sun revealed the toxicity behind the scenes as the former couple's £62m divorce battle rumbles on.

Ant’s legal team wants to avoid going to court, which could mean excruciating details of the couple’s 12-year marriage being made public.

After his drink-drive crash in March last year, time in rehab for addiction to painkillers and relationship with his former PA Anne-Marie Corbett — who Lisa considered a friend — Ant has rebuilt his image and been given a second chance by the public.

In order to protect his reputation from further damage, he is asking Lisa, 43, to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) — and will not agree to a financial settlement until she does.

But Lisa is refusing to sign the so-called gagging order.

A source close to the couple told The Sun: "Lisa is an honest, loyal and decent human being. She isn’t interested in how much money she gets.

"She told her dad Derek on his death bed earlier this year that she would stand strong and she’s not about to go back on her word. She won’t sign an NDA. As far as she’s concerned, he is welcome to his money.

"It’s not about that for her. She’s appalled at the way she has been treated ever since they split up, by people she loved, trusted and called friends.

"He is sending her regular lawyers’ letters. The legal bill for this divorce is easily past the £1.5million mark.

"But Ant is underestimating her. She’s not scared any more. She is more determined than ever not to fold and to get what’s hers. She only ever wanted it to be fair.

"She doesn’t want to be the one to ruin his career, but enough is enough. She is labelled bitter and twisted and the truth is she wants this to end — but she won’t be silenced. They were 19 when they met and they had nothing.

"She was doing the same as him — she was in a band, he was part of PJ & Duncan. Now, 23 years later, she needs to be gagged and told to go away? This is not just some pantomime or comedy show people can just laugh at and comment on. This is her life."

Meanwhile a source close to Ant revealed that he has agreed to a second formal arbitration with Lisa.

They said: "All correspondence goes through their lawyers, which is what Lisa requested. Ant is not trying to pressure Lisa into signing an NDA. He will sign one too, of course. But he doesn’t want it going to court. Why would he? He’s made her an incredibly generous offer and is hoping that they can move on."

Another source added: "He was trying to get it all sorted before he headed to Australia. But it’s not been possible and he’s genuinely worried about what will happen if this ends up in court.



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"Lisa is the only one who knows where all of his skeletons are buried. That’s why he is so keen to get her to sign an NDA. He cherishes his public image above all else. He knows he’s been given a second chance by the public and doesn’t want anything to derail that. But Lisa won’t sign it. It’s not about revenge for her.

"She just won’t be silenced, simple as that. She will have her say, at a time of her choosing."

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