Andy Cohen Gives the Reason Why Real Housewives Get Fired from the Shows

There is always the question of who is staying and going after a season of the Real Housewives ends. Some of the decisions of who is fired have been shocking. Andy Cohen revealed what all of the former housewives have in common and more.

Star power doesn’t always get people on the shows

You would think that known names like Denise Richards are sought after to join the show. However, Lisa Rinna was passed over when it came to casting the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I didn’t get it,” Cohen said on Watch What Happens Live according to Page Six. “I felt like it should be all unknown people — even though Kim [Richards] and Kyle [Richards] had acted years before. I felt like Lisa Rinna was too much of a personality and name.”

He added, “I knew that you knew the women. You had a history. I just felt that the show needed to establish itself on its own before in my mind I could ever picture it.”

Rinna joined the show in Season 5 and managed to stay. There is a very different reason why housewives don’t get asked to come back for another season.

Every season they ask the stars if they want to return for another season

Some shows have their stars sign a contract keeping them for multiple seasons. That isn’t really the case for the Bravo shows.

“It’s usually a conversation,” Cohen said at Tribeca TV Festival. “At the end of every season, we talk to the women about what they have coming up and whether they want to come back. What they see for the future. Then we also look at the show and say, ‘How do we want to change the show?’”

He went on to explain why this system works. “I think part of the reason the entire franchise is successful is it’s an ensemble show,” the executive producer said. “It’s all about what’s best for the group. What’s best for the ensemble? How’s it going to be different? Do we want to continue this conversation? Do we want to pivot into a new conversation?”

Cohen said if a housewife turns off viewers then they won’t return

There is a thin line between love and hate when it comes to reality stars. They can’t be boring, but if they try too hard that could backfire to where fans turn on them. Cohen said turning off viewers is the reason why they get kicked off.

“If they become a turn-off to viewers, for whatever reason — they appear too fake, they’re not interesting, they’re not entertaining,” he told Paper magazine.

“When people cross the line and it becomes unreal, that’s when they are out.” So there are many reasons why former housewives no longer sat well with viewers. In the end, if they couldn’t win any fans back then they were kicked off the show and replaced.

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