Anansi Boys release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the Amazon Prime Video series out?

The Grand Tour: Amazon Prime Video teases new series

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Anansi Boys has just been announced by Amazon Prime Video and will once again be a partnership between the streaming service and author Neil Gaiman. The streaming service has shared some key details about what to expect from the upcoming show. has brought together all the details for what to expect.

When is Anansi Boys out?

Amazon Prime has not yet revealed the release date for the series, but they have announced that filming will begin later this year, 2021.

Shooting in Scotland in late 2021, the series will likely be aiming for a summer 2022 release date, but this could be an optimistic estimate.

Once filming begins, more details on the series will start to emerge, with an official release date likely to be announced around then.

The show will be a six-part limited series, meaning that a second season is unlikely, however, nothing is confirmed.

Who is in the cast of Anansi Boys?

Currently, the cast has not been revealed for the series, however, the talent behind the camera has.

Gaiman, Sir Lenny Henry, Douglas Mackinnon, Hanelle M Culpepper, Hilary Bevan Jones, and Richard Fee are all executive producers on the series.

Gaiman will be joined by Henry in the writing room, joined by Arvind Ethan David, Kara Smith, and Racheal Ofori.

Co-showrunners on the series will be Gaiman and Culpepper, with the latter directing the pilot.

Culpepper is best known for her work on Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Discovery, SWAT, and Sorry for Your Loss.

Jermain Julien and Azhur Saleem round out the directorial duties, with Paul Frift producing.

Is there a trailer for Anansi Boys?

No, Amazon Prime has not yet released a trailer for the upcoming series, with one expected to drop closer to the release date.

With filming commencing later this year, the earliest fans should expect a trailer is early 2022, but it could be much later.

There may not be a trailer yet but Amazon Prime Video has revealed the first poster for the series, which helps fans understand the tone and feel of the show.

The poster shows an African landscape, with a man standing on a cliff in the distance, overlooking the vibrant view.

What is the plot of Anansi Boys?

Anansi Boys is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling novel of the same name.

Following the story of Charlie Nancy, a young man who is used to being embarrassed by his estranged father.

But, when his father passes away, Charlie discovers that his father was Anansi, the trickster god of stories.

He also learns that he has a brother named Spider, who upon entering his life, brings with him more interesting and dangerous adventures.

This is a standalone story and not connected to Gaiman’s other Amazon Prime series, American Gods.

The story is an original concept devised from conversations between Gaiman and Henry, with the pair reuniting for the show.

Gaiman shared the news in a statement, saying: “Anansi Boys began around 1996, from a conversation I had with Lenny Henry about writing a story that was diverse and part of the culture that we both loved. 

“I wrote a novel, an (I hope) joyous and funny book about a dead god and his two sons, about birds and ghosts and beasts and cops, based in Caribbean and African tales.”

Gaiman continued: “I am thrilled that Sir Lenny Henry is one of our executive producers. He was there when it was conceived, he narrated the audiobook and he has kept the heart of the production true.

“We are trying to make a new kind of show with Anansi Boys, and to break ground with it to make something that celebrates and rejoices in diversity both in front of and behind the camera.”

Anansi Boys will be available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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