An 'OutDaughtered' Fan Just Accused Danielle and Adam Busby of Being the New Jon and Kate Gosselin

There are plenty of reality TV shows about large families, and while the Busbys are relative newcomers to the scene, it’s clear they have a strong following. A new season of OutDaughtered has recently begun, and fans love watching Adam and Danielle Busby chase around their toddler quintuplets with the help of their older daughter, Blayke. Seeing so many small children on screen is starting to remind fans of the old days of Jon & Kate Plus 8, too.

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s show ended with a bang thanks to their highly-publicized divorce, and it’s no secret that Kate’s bad reputation has followed her as she continues her tenure on reality TV. Now, it seems some OutDaughtered viewers are starting to worry that the Busbys will be the next Jon and Kate. Here’s what they said.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have become one of the most infamous reality TV couples ever

They may not be as well-known as the Kardashians or quite as scandalous as the Duggars, but the Gosselins have certainly made their own splash in the reality TV world. Jon and Kate divorced over a decade ago — and while Jon chose to step away from the reality TV spotlight permanently post-separation, Kate chose to stay. For this reason, many thought Kate was out to exploit her eight children, though she maintains she did what she thought was best for her financial situation and for her children. As she said in an interview, “People have a lot of contempt and hate for me and at the end of the day, I need to come home safely to my kids.”

Kate has also mentioned that she knows she’s come off as harsh and “too strong” in the past, but it seems she doesn’t regret putting her family on TV. And it’s clear she’s ready to thrust herself back into the spotlight again, as she has her new dating show, Kate Plus Date. The drama between the Gosselins is still ongoing, however, as Jon recently got custody of their son, Collin, while their daughter, Hannah, also chose to live with him.

Adam and Danielle Busby have attained fame for having a large family like Jon and Kate Gosselin

Adam and Danielle Busby are a wholesome, happy couple free from major drama — and that’s part of the reason that fans adore OutDaughtered. They keep the focus on how they’re raising their quintuplets and older daughter as a team, and we rarely see any major disagreements erupt. Unfortunately, fans can’t help but critique the Busbys — and many wonder if fame will eventually affect them like it hurt Jon and Kate’s relationship.

Fans offered their insights in the comment section of this Instagram video of the Busbys having a “sleepover” at Danielle’s sister’s home. “From the beginning of this show I use to say I hope they don’t get like Jon & Kate [sic],” one fan said. Another added, “TLC ruined Jon and Kate like horribly and I just wouldnt want to see them get broken like that [sic].”

Some fans think Danielle is unkind to Adam and reminiscent of Kate Gosselin

Fans seem to adore Adam Busby, as he’s a hard-working dad who’s been vulnerable with his feelings in the past. Unfortunately, not everyone’s on Danielle’s side. We remember when she called him “careless” in the past for not following up with his vasectomy appointment, and that seemed to rub fans the wrong way. And OutDaughtered viewers also took to the Instagram video of the sleepover to give even more negative opinions of Danielle and comparisons to Kate Gosselin.

One fan claimed, “Danielle is demanding and doesn’t care about her husband being the sole provider. They’re starting to be the new Jon and Kate.” Others went on to criticize Danielle for allowing her whole family to stay at her sister’s home while they dealt with the mold problem in their own house, too.

Despite the Kate comparison, some fans are still coming to Danielle’s defense, however. “Kate is crazy and rude and belittling,” another commented, alluding that Danielle does not have these characteristics. There’s one thing for sure about Danielle and Adam — and that’s that they’re still committed to raising their big family together. And that may be the biggest difference between them and the Gosselins.

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