An Actual Timeline of Brendan and Pieper's Relationship for People Who Want Answers

Hey, lol, remember when Brendan Morais arrived on Bachelor in Paradise and denied being in a relationship with Pieper James before the show? Yeah, about that. Pieper finally showed up mid-way through the season, and it has become more than clear that she and Brendan were together pre-Paradise—despite the fact that he was pursuing a relationship with Natasha Parker on the show.

There’s been a lot of speculation about when, exactly, Brendan and Pieper started dating—not to mention how much time they spent together before Paradise. But the thing is…there are receipts. Like, a lot of them. Behold, a full timeline of Brendan and Pieper’s relationship before, during, and after Bachelor in Paradise.

May 20, 2021

Brendan posts this casual pic to Insta, prompting Bachelor Nation to think he’s in a relationship. Which, uh, he seems to have been!

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June 3, 2021

Just TWO DAYS before Paradise begins filming, Us Weekly breaks the news that Brendan and Pieper are dating. A source says “Pieper and Brendan have been dating for a few weeks now. Either he’ll fly to New York and hang with her, or she’ll fly to Boston to hang with him. She was most recently in Boston over Memorial Day weekend and they were even spotted out in public together.”

June 5 – June 26, 2021

Bachelor in Paradise begins filming Season 7 in Mexico. Reality Steve reports that production on the show lasted for approximately three weeks, with Yahoo! confirming that filming wrapped up on June 26. It’s unclear where in this three-week window Pieper joined the cast, but her arrival was likely right around the middle of the season.

June 16, 2021

As Bachelor in Paradise films, Reality Steve reveals what we all eventually see play out on-screen. Despite the fact that they were dating pre-show, Brendan and Pieper have both been cast on the season: “What I can tell you is this: Brendan was original cast. Brendan has already given a rose to someone else that’s not Pieper.”

Edit note: we know now that that “someone else” was Natasha.

Steve also adds that Pieper was a later arrival, writing, “I think it’s clear production purposely waited till Brendan gave his rose to someone else before deciding to bring Pieper in. But if they were already dating and this is pre-planned, gonna be interesting to see if they pretend like they weren’t, or, if they just go with it and let everyone know.”

August 21, 2021

Reality Steve posts proof that Pieper and Brendan are very much together post-Paradise:

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