All Creatures Great And Smalls Tristan star teases future marriage

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All Creatures Great And Small season three saw Helen Alderson (played by Rachel Shenton) and James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) finally tie the knot. Now it seems Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) is looking for a long-term romance to fill the void in his life. Actor Callum opened up about what could be in store for his character in future episodes.

The first episode of the show’s third season saw Helen and James take part in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The big day did not come without its hiccups as Tristan had taken James out for a few drinks the night before.

Although he loved being a part of James’ special day, Tristan is starting to feel there is something missing in his own life.

Callum spoke to and other press about whether Tristan was ready to settle down.

“I think he is, yeah,” he said. “We’ve seen him play the field a little bit.

“He’s seen James and Helen and how happy they are together. And I think he thinks that’s maybe what’s missing.”

The star explained how now Tristan has passed his exams and is a qualified vet, he feels as though it is not enough.

He said: “The main thing he’s been wanting to do for the whole time we’ve seen him really is to pass his exams and impress Siegfried.

“And we’ve seen him finally do that and there’s just something unfulfilled there.

“It just doesn’t really have the impact, or it’s not fulfilled him in the way that I think he always thought it was going to.

“He’s always felt like once I pass, I’ll be set. And then he passes. And there’s just still the sort of maybe, like, empty feeling.”

The new season follows Tristan as he tries to figure out what it is that he needs to fill the gap.

He said: “He’s seen how James and Helen are with each other and seeing their beautiful relationship together.

“I think he’s jealous. I mean, jealous in a sort of affectionate way.

“You know, he’s happy for his best mate, of course. But I just think he wants a bit of that love and affection.”

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The star admitted he gets people on the street asking when Tristan will find his own wife.

However, he did say he gets asked more about whether Tristan will mend his relationship with his brother Siegfried (Sam West).

“Weirdly, they are more interested in Siegfried, people are like ‘When are the two brothers going to make up? When are they going to be friends?’

“I never have a good answer for them, unfortunately. But yeah, to us, funnily enough, it is usually the brothers’ relationship, which I think is really sweet, to be honest, that people really care that these two mend the fractured relationship.”

In the second episode of season three, Tristan helped an old friend Florence Pandhi (Sophie Khan Levy) when her dog became ill.

She may be the one to provide Tristan with what he is looking for, as they have a lot in common, both coming from a family of vets.

Florence is smart yet fun, two qualities Tristan clearly admires in women, and he appeared to take a liking to her.

Fans will have to wait and see whether he pursues a romantic relationship with Florence.

All Creatures Great and Small airs on Channel 5 on Thursdays at 9pm

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