Alex from Glasto says he’s been offered own gigs and BooHoo modeling contract

Alex Mann has revealed that he has been offered his own gigs as well as a BooHoo contract since his appearance on the Glastonbury stage went viral.

The 15-year-old, who quickly became known online as "Alex from Glasto", appeared on Good Morning Britain today and recreated his famous rap live on air.

He shot to fame after performing Dave and AJ Tracy's hit Thiago Silva, named after the Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain footballer, on The Other Stage.

Before his rap Mann told the show that his mind "went crazy" when he turned around to see the audience gathered to watch him at Glastonbury, where he had been picked out from the crowd by Dave due to the fact he was wearing a PSG shirt.

"I felt really nervous then," he said. "I needed some water to calm myself down, then they passed me the earpiece to speak in. (Dave) said if I need any help with the lyrics just look (him) in the eye.

"He just grabbed me and said 'you can do this' he was really supportive about it.

Responding to Mann's claim of nerves, Morgan said: "It looked to me you thought to yourself 'you know what I belong here', 'this is my stage'."

Mann said his life has been "crazy" since the moment he was pulled onstage, with his Twitter followers rapidly lifting from 90 to over 160,000 and footballer Silva himself contacting him.

He has also had offers to perform at other gigs, though he did not divulge how much money he had been offered to do so, he has also been contacted by retailer BooHoo to model.

Asked by Reid whether the Glastonbury performance was a set up, Mann said: "No 100% not, I bought the (PSG shirt) just because it's nice summer wear."

After his rendition on Good Morning Britain, Morgan said Mann "nailed it", adding: "Some people, you get a chance in life and it can go horribly wrong and you're remembered for it.

"You took your chance and you slayed Glastonbury so I salute you young Alex… that's what the youth of today should be doing, taking their chance and slaying it."
Mann added that he hopes to stay in touch with Dave in the future.

*Good Morning airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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