Adele reveals she was in a secret relationship after marriage split BEFORE meeting boyfriend Rich Paul

ADELE has revealed how she had to walk away from a 'secret' relationship a year after her marriage to Simon Konecki broke down.

The Easy On Me hitmaker, who is now happily dating Rich Paul, revealed how she "couldn't give herself properly" to a potential suitor as she recovered from her split.

Speaking to The Face, the singer was asked how navigating a new relationship post-divorce influenced her songwriting on I Drink Wine, which features the lyric "making memories in a storm".

In response, Adele explained that the song was written long before she met Rich and made the revelation that it was about a mystery love interest who she "couldn't be consistent" with.

Discussing the song, Adele began: "I wasn’t dating anyone. There was someone that I have loved – not been in love with, but been so fond of, and have been for years – but I was unable to pretend that I wasn’t in my own storm.

"I couldn’t give myself properly. I couldn’t be consistent, and neither could he. It wasn’t right, leaving a marriage and then dating a year after. Even if you feel ready, it’s a gaping, open wound whether you leave or you’re left.

"So it was more that this person was asking for me to throw myself into it. And I couldn’t because I was still recovering from the breakdown of my marriage."

The Hello songstress added that the lyric acclaimed author Candice Carty-Williams referenced in the question referred to the mystery man and admitted she associates him with the breakdown of her marriage.

The singer also explained that had she given the relationship a go she would have found herself in the same situation as before.

She continued: "I associate him with the breakdown of my marriage. So therefore, he is part of the storm. And I was just, you know, really honest with him about it, thank God. Otherwise I could’ve found myself in a situation being in a relationship I didn’t want to be in after coming out of one."

Elsewhere, Adele revealed why she was determined to avoid casual sex in LA after her divorce in an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe.

Much of the album is inspired by Adele's divorce from Simon Konecki and the impact it had on her life and son Angelo.


Speaking about the track Can I Get It, she explained: "Obviously it's got this massive pop chorus and stuff… but the lyrics in the verse that I just love, and that one is about, when I was, oh, okay, I could be open to dating.

"First of all, LA is not the f***ing place to go dating when you're Adele, I tell you that. It was like watching my friends, it was all casual sex.

"And everyone had slept with each other. And I was like, I'm not doing that. I'm not, I'm not, that's not… I've left my marriage to go forward, not to f***ing go backwards. So that's what that's about."

Adele, who is in a relationship with millionaire sports agent Rich Paul, has transformed her image over the past two years, losing seven stone.

Before her current relationship began, Adele opted not to go down the dating app route.

But the idea of being chatted up in a bar wasn't much more appealing, and she often found herself being hit on by married men.

She said: "I would try and be like, 'How did you meet so and so,' and they'd be like, 'On an app.' But I'm like, 'Oh f*** I can't do that.' But what it was, I wasn't interested in men at all.

First of all, LA is not the f***ing place to go dating when you're Adele, I tell you that. It was like watching my friends, it was all casual sex.

"But what it was that it'd be like… I was at my friend's birthday party and people that I had just met in LA since I moved there or whatever, I was always married. I was always taken, suddenly [men] were trying to chirpse me at the bar.

"And I'll be like, 'Are you flirting with me? Don't you…'. I'd be like, 'I'm married.' I'd be like, 'No, I don't want to f***ing go out with you, I'm married.' And I wasn't anymore," she continued.

"It was very, very strange. But oh my God was sort of that and just being, please don't let me voluntarily put myself in a f***ing situation that I'm going to regret.

"And also I'm grateful that I didn't date for most of 25 because I feel like I've really gotten away with it. I've not had any horrible people come and tell stories about me or anything like that."

The superstar has been in relationships for the bulk of her adult life and admitted adapting to single life was tough.

"I've never been this well-known and been single," she said. "So I was with someone most of 19 and then I was in the studio. I wasn't with anyone, but I was in the studio writing about who that album is about.

"And then straight after 21 I got with Simon. So I hadn't been… so I didn't… I don’t- I just never experienced, A) dating as a grownup really but also everyone knowing who I am and then…I didn't want to date anyone."

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