A Place in the Sun couple clash with host Jean Johansson over property: ‘No point!’

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Thursday evening’s instalment of the Channel 4 property show gave viewers a glimpse of the beautiful landscape of the Spanish island of Gran Canara. Couple Colin and Richard were looking to escape the Scottish winters for the sun of Playa del Inglés. However, the pair ended up clashing with A Place in the Sun host Jean when she showed them a property with some noise from a busy road nearby, leading Colin to explain there was “no point” them buying a property unless they both liked it.

As ever, the guests were being shown five different properties around the island, with the first three having a mixed reception.

Jean decided to try something different for the fourth property by showing them a well-finished townhouse – but something soon put them off. 

Asked by the host if they had any concerns about the property, Richard said: “From the outside no, from the road…”

“I suppose the road is a concern at this point,” Colin told Jean.

Addressing the pair’s comments, Jean explained: “This property is not as peaceful and tranquil but that’s one of the things I’ve had to compromise.”

She told the cameras: “This property has so much going for it, hope the road doesn’t put them off in the end.”

However, after having looked around, the pair couldn’t get over their worries about the busy road nearby.

Colin hit out at the host’s choice, saying: “There’s no point if one of us isn’t happy with one aspect of the property.”


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