15 Key Differences Between 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Book and New TV Show

Amazon’s The Summer I Turned Pretty is, in large part, a tender series that pays homage to experiences teenagers face as they come of age. However, for many it is a nostalgic revisit to a Jenny Han trilogy—except, this time around, its beloved characters and the fictional town of Cousins Beach come to life on screen in a truly pinch-me moment.

The new TV show still follows 16-year-old Belly during a formative summer at Cousins as she vacations with her mother Laurel, her brother Steven, her mother’s best friend Susannah, and Susannah’s two sons, Jeremiah and Conrad. The book’s original fans will recall that Belly’s been in love with Conrad for ages, and it’s during this summer trip that he starts to reciprocate those feelings. The twist? Jeremiah and another boy Cam do, too.

Though the series still follows this original book storyline, there are also many departures that author and co-showrunner Jenny intentionally incorporated—and TBH we love them all! Below, find 15 key differences between The Summer I Turned Pretty book and the TV show. Warning: many, many spoilers ahead!

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