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The Mathematics Of The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber

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The Mathematics Of The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber

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Full Article: Microalgae Based Carbon Capture And Utilization: A Critical Review On Current System Developments And Biomass Utilization

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Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Iasi Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Prof. Dr. Assoc. D. Mangeron street no. 73, 700050 Iasi, Romania

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Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Iasi Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Prof. Dr. Assoc. D. Mangeron street no. 73, 700050 Iasi, Romania

Received: 2018 December 29 / Revised: 2019 January 18 / Accepted: 2019 January 28 / Published in 2019 February 4

Atmospheric concentration is strongly related to temperature increases caused by industrial processes, transport, etc. To reduce CO

Content, the method of burning the end of the pipe can be used in addition to other methods and techniques. CO

Graphene Filter Makes Carbon Capture More Efficient And Cheaper

Retention by absorption of potassium-carbonate-bicarbonate activated solutions is still a method that can be used. In this study, a mathematical model of a packed bed reactor was developed and tested. Mathematical models have been tested for CO-based industrial reactors

And water content, carbon-bicarbonate, concentration, etc. An error was calculated for each performance parameter. CO error

The river has proven its success in the industrial sector. Future reactors used for CO

The absorption should be in two parts to use the solution that was updated in the part of the first part, saving a lot of energy in operating costs.

Pdf) Aspen Plus Simulation Model For Biogas Co 2 Reduction With Low Pressure Water Scrubbing

, hydrocarbons, etc.) from exhaust gases [1, 2, 3]. Diffuse sources are difficult to capture and treat, so source studies are currently underway: flue gases, stacks, digesters, thermoelectric plants, etc.

There are several main categories of gas treatment processes [2, 4, 5, 6, 7]: physical absorption, absorption by chemical reactions (chemical absorption), membrane separation, adsorption on different solid materials (zeolite, activated carbon, etc.), cryogenic separation etc. Among them, chemical absorption into liquids is a common process used to remove acidity from flue gases [8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]. The chemical absorption process is carried out in various reactors: bubble absorber, full tower, spray tower, venturi scrubber, drop film contactor/wet wall contactor, etc. [14].

) in the atmosphere pose major environmental problems that lead to global climate change, such as global warming, sea level change, and extreme weather days [ 15 , 16 ]. CO

Atmospheric levels have nearly doubled recently (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Climate Change Indicators). Therefore, CO reduction

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Removal, absorption is highly competitive. In order to improve the carbon dioxide absorption process, the solution that can be used with carbonate-potassium bicarbonate is still a useful method because of the development of new activators and high loading [20, 21, 22]. In general, chemical extraction is widely used to remove acid gas particles present in high concentration exhaust gases. In this way, more than 99% of the weight can be lost by treating the exhaust gas [23].

Potassium carbonate solution is a suitable solvent for carbon dioxide capture because it is cheap, environmentally friendly, resistant to decomposition and evaporation, and requires little renewable energy [23, 24]. However, the potassium carbonate solvent shows slow kinetics, so it is necessary to improve the reaction kinetics [25, 26, 27, 28]. As for activators, several processes are used: Giammarco-Vetrocoke (activator-arsenic trioxide; inhibitor-arsenic pentoxide), Benfield (activator-diethanolamine DEA; inhibitor-V

An absorption reactor that has been tested and proven on an industrial scale. Mathematical models can be used for CO

In the literature, there is not enough data on mathematical models of packed bed reactors, where, in addition to physical absorption, chemical reactions also play an important role [30, 31, 32]. In this context, this study proposes and validates a mathematical model of CO

October 13, 2021

. The proposed mathematical model was validated by comparing the calculated values ​​(obtained by the model) with the average experimentally measured values ​​of the reactor used for synthesis gas production. Errors introduced by model simplification were also calculated. The proposed and validated model can be used for the mathematical design of packed bed reactors with a maximum error of up to 4%. CO

Can be easily desorbed with high purity and can be used in the carbonization process for the production of urea, calcination of soda ash, etc.

Solution (Chimcomplex Chemical Company, Borzești, Romania) consists of two areas of different diameters. The first part contains four layers of packing material, with a height of 19 m and an area of ​​10.75 m.

. The second part of the reactor, with a height of 14 m, sealing material arranged in three layers, has a surface of 4.52 m.

Educator Guide: The Air Up There: Making Space Breathable

. The packing material consists of Pall-type metal rings with a diameter of 50 mm. The pressure of the gas entering the reactor was measured with a pressure transducer (Alicat Scientific, PC-30PSIA-D/5P, Tucson, AZ, USA). The temperature inside the reactor was measured by a thermocouple (Omega, Type K, model KMQSS-125-G-6, Norwalk, CT, USA). Pressure and temperature values ​​were monitored and recorded. Gas concentrations were determined using an online infrared gas analyzer-Gasboard 3000 (Wuhan, China) and analyzed using a liquid process titrimetric method. A diagram of an industrial enterprise is shown in Figure 1a. The flow rates presented in Table 1 are shown in Figure 1b.

The mathematical model of the packed bed reactor was tested by comparing the values ​​obtained by solving the mathematical model with the experimental values ​​obtained during an industrial run. The data used for comparison is the arithmetic mean of the experimentally determined values ​​over 30 working days. For verification, the values ​​given in Table 1 were analyzed. Flow devices with indicators 1 to 5 are shown in Figure 1b, and the indicators are also listed in Table 1 for ease of understanding. The values ​​summarized in Table 1 correspond to the values ​​of 10 samples taken every hour for 24 hours over 30 days.

The chemical process taking place in the reactor is the result of the interaction between the mass transfer of the reactants from the bulk to the surface layer, as well as the reaction from the interfacial layer. The interaction of the gas and water phases in the presence of loaded material, although simple from a reactor design point of view and advantageous from an economic point of view, leads to complex behavior. Therefore, a simplified flow model is required for further calculations. In this case, the ideal plug flow model (D) is used for the gas phase, and the plug flow model (D) or completely mixed flow (R), axial or radial dispersion models, and mobile models are used. for the liquid phase [14]. The mathematical model is developed for two cases: isothermal and adiabatic thermal regime.

Since the ideal plug flow model is evaluated for two phases, the equations of the mathematical model are derived from the mass, heat, and momentum equations, which are written for no deposition in the reactor. The distribution elements are shown in Fig. 2.

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Mass and heat equations have been developed for the differential reactor element as shown in Figure 2 [35, 36, 37, 38, 39].

It is assumed that the water in the first part of the reactor is steam and in the second it is condensed.

If the temperature regime is not isothermal, the model is added to the temperature equation for the liquid and gas phases.

Using simplified approximations for both the steady flow regime and the adiabatic regime, the following equations can be written.

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