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The Influence Of Culture On Consumer Behaviour

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The Influence Of Culture On Consumer Behaviour – It is in a brand’s best interest to avoid legal ramifications from an aggressive marketing campaign. To avoid this confusion, brands consider cultural factors that influence consumer behavior.

Based on our endless instant noodle examples, your favorite instant noodle brand will leave no stone unturned to appeal to your target market segment. One of the important factors that a brand must keep in mind while marketing its products is the cultural factors of the target market that influence consumer behavior.

The Influence Of Culture On Consumer Behaviour

The culture of the region plays a big role when companies plan marketing campaigns for them. For example, your favorite instant noodle brand may have beef and pork options, but they don’t advertise their vegetarian options as heavily in a country as diverse as India.

How Social Media And Online Communities Shape Consumer Culture And Behavior

But what might pique your interest is the connection between consumer behavior and culture. What is the effect of culture on consumer behavior? In fact, what cultural factors influence consumer behavior?

The Oxford dictionary defines culture as “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.”

In simple terms, culture is what we learn from our parents, grandparents, and the society in which we live.

By adding the word “factors” to culture, we get cultural factors. It can be defined as “the set of values ​​and ideologies of a particular community or group of individuals.” Culture and cultural factors are closely related, but not interchangeable.

How Religion Affects Consumer Behavior. Consumer Attitudes And Seasonal Demand For Products

Cultural factors can be said to encompass culture. Although cultural factors can be studied in depth for a particular culture, culture itself is a very subjective concept. If we choose a cultural factor, we can study it in different cultures and draw different conclusions.

Imagine a sociologist studying culture in villages near the desert of Rajasthan. They want to compare their findings with what another sociologist has found about tribal culture in the forests of Andhra Pradesh.

These sociologists cannot study culture without deciding which key areas they want to compare. In order to compare their findings and understand the differences between the two cultures, they should select the cultural factors that underlie their research.

These cultural factors are what we need to study as marketers to understand the extent and impact of cultural factors that influence consumer behavior.

Chart: The Influence Of Influencers

Your favorite instant noodle brand is smart enough to understand the importance of learning about the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior. How did he avoid expensive lawsuits for so long!

Many lawsuits against companies and brands are brought by consumers and those who are not offended by their marketing campaigns. These lawsuits are costly not only in lawsuits, but also in the money companies spend on marketing campaigns.

For example, the famous lawsuit against Lair’s perfume ad, in which four people enter a room where a couple is in bed. The four men then proceed to utter a couple of words threatening to gang-rape the woman. Men are obviously talking about perfume.

Although no reports are available yet, it’s clear that this whole ordeal has cost the irresponsible company a lot of money. In an era where rape culture is at its peak, even the slightest hint can damage the entire reputation of a company.

Impact Of Culture On Consumer Buying Behavior

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to dig deep into the three cultural factors that influence consumer buying behavior before giving a marketing campaign or even a product the thumbs up.

As previously defined, culture is “ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” These ideas, customs and social behavior are learned through observation and imitation. They are taught directly by parents, grandparents and other elders in the neighborhood.

There are specific buying behaviors that can be observed in consumers of a particular culture. This buying behavior is passed on to children either consciously or unconsciously.

Cultures vary greatly from region to region. It varies not only from country to country but also from state to state. Similarly, consumer behavior in these cultures varies by region.

Top 20 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour

For example, your friend from Sikkim might prefer Wai Wai instant noodles and your friend from Delhi might prefer Korean instant ramen brands or Maggi. This is not only due to the presence of different brands.

Your Sikkimese friend might be accustomed to the delicate taste and flavor of this region’s food. Wai Wai instant noodles have a delicate taste and are soupier than Maggi, which may suit your friend’s taste perfectly as they must have eaten the same food and noodles.

On the other hand, your friend from Delhi might like Maggi because it resembles a North Indian dish. It’s more “spicy” and suits their preferences because of the food they grew up on.

The Oxford dictionary defines a subculture as “a cultural group within a larger culture, often a cultural group that shares beliefs or interests with the larger culture.” In the words of Philip Kotler,

Cultural Influence On Consumer Behavior By Ecahnadira

Subcultures are groups of people within a culture with a common value system based on common life experiences and situations.

For example, in India we have Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and many other religious subcultures. Although there are similarities in buying behavior due to similar cultural factors influencing consumer behavior, there are many differences.

Each religion requires different rules and regulations for its followers, so we can see a clear division in certain areas of use. Hindus are forbidden to eat cow meat because according to their religious texts the cow is a sacred animal and Muslims are forbidden to eat pork because according to their scriptures pigs are evil.

Similarly, subcultures can be formed based on consumers’ age, ethnicity, gender, marital status, etc. When properly observed, the different subcultures formed in each base will have different buying behaviors.

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For example, your parents are less likely to eat instant noodles frequently. A Korean study found that men eat twice as much instant noodles per day on average as women.

Britannica defines a social class as “a group of people who share the same socioeconomic status in society.” Social class is also called short class. It is also one of the main cultural factors influencing consumer behavior. According to Kotler,

Social classes are relatively permanent and well-organized divisions of society whose members share similar values, interests, and behaviors as measured by a combination of occupation, income, education, wealth, and other variables. has actions.

A directly visible difference between the purchasing behavior of different classes is that upper class members buy luxury goods to reflect their status and lower class members to satisfy their needs. more inclined to buy basic necessities.

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For example, someone from a higher class may buy the most expensive brand of Korean instant noodles, while someone from a lower class is more likely to buy a cheaper and more Indian brand of instant noodles.

In addition to the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior, another factor is very important in the study of consumer behavior. This factor is intuition.

Members of a culture, subculture, or social class are viewed in a certain way by other members of society. For example, Banias are considered stingy while Punjabis are considered spendthrift.

These perceptions also shape people’s consumer behavior. For example, to overcome their miserable image, your Baniya friend may volunteer to pay the bills at lunch, while your Punjabi friend may keep a tighter grip on his wallet.

Pdf) Effect Of Culture On Brand Loyalty

In this chapter, we looked at the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior. Here are some key tips to remember:

1. Cultural factors can be said to include culture. Although cultural factors can be studied in depth for a particular culture, culture itself is a very subjective concept. If we choose a cultural factor, we can study it in different cultures and draw different conclusions. When studying trends in consumer behavior, people don’t really notice the influence of pop culture on them. To understand this better, let’s get our basics right.

Pop culture is the practices, beliefs, and things that are easily recognized by the majority of society. Pop culture can be country specific or have universal appeal. However, the cultures of the dominant countries in today’s world are universal because they have the means, tools and people to popularize them.

Economics studies human wants, needs and their satisfaction. In general, pop culture has a significant influence on human desires. It can be a more advanced growth that covers almost every part of human experience, and its culture defines the social norms that people must follow in order to belong to their group.

The Importance Of Consumer Behavior In Marketing

For example, when Money Heist started gaining popularity, the number of people buying Salvador Dali masks skyrocketed. That’s because people wanted it

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