Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax

Sec. Rick Perry, the man tasked with overseeing America’s vast nuclear arsenal in his capacity as head of the Energy Department, fell victim to a hoax on Instagram Tuesday.

In what is essentially the Instagram version of forwarding a chain email, the former Texas governor, 69, reposted a screenshot of a message falsely claiming the social media company was changing its privacy policy and would make public all users’ posts, including deleted messages. It also suggested the company could somehow “use your photos.”

The message also falsely claimed that any Instagram user who objected to the change could repost the message in order to stop the company.

“With this statement, I give notice to Instagram it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents,” the message read.


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The message was posted to his personal account, @governorperry, as well as his Twitter account. He also has a separate account, @secretaryperry, to showcase his official government work with the Energy Department.


Variations of this hoax have gone viral over the years in connection with different social platforms. As far back as 2012, an almost identical message — complete with a reference to a non-existent “Channel 13” news report — went viral about Instagram parent company Facebook, prompting the company to publicly debunk the “copyright meme”:

There is a rumor circulating that Facebook is making a change related to ownership of users’ information or the content they post to the site. This is false. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms. They control how that content and information is shared. That is our policy, and it always has been.

Perry was not alone in falling for the hoax this week; a number of celebrities also reposted the hoax to their millions of followers, helping to spread the misinformation even further.

Julia Roberts, Debra Messing, Usher, and Julianne Moore were among the celebs who fell for it.

After he posted the fake meme, Perry was roundly ridiculed as gullible across social media.

“I’d like to introduce you to a Nigerian prince,” read one Instagram comment.

“How the hell are you in charge of the department of energy when you fall for the social media version of chain email,” read another.


When Perry accepted the offer to join Donald Trump’s cabinet as Energy Secretary, he was said to have misunderstood the duties of the role, wrongly assuming he would oversee oil and gas regulation. In fact, the department is primarily concerned with maintaining US nuclear weapons.

When he made an unsuccessful run for president in 2011, he famously could not recall during a primary debate the name of the Energy Department, which he had pledged to eliminate along with two others. “Sorry,” he said. Oops.”

The secretary evidently realized his error following his post on Tuesday night, soon commenting, “OMG….seriously, you mean this is fake!! 🙄”

“I’ll be darned!!” he added. “First time I’ve seen anything fake on the internet!! 🤓😱.”

Representatives from Instagram and the Department of Energy did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Katie Price struggling to breathe and open eyes after surgery spree

Shocking new photos of Katie Price show she's feeling the effects of her latest surgery spree.

The former glamour model, 41,could barely breathe or even open her eyes in a string of concerning snaps taken after she went under the knife in Turkey.

The gruesome scars from her facelift were on full display as she underwent one of her first public appearances since having her bandages off.

She appeared to be struggling to move her mouth as she spoke to friends on a casual lunch date held earlier this month.

Katie looked in pain as she attempted to use her phone and had to squint to see the screen.

She seemed to be checking her reflection in the phone's front camera as she poked around at her surgically-altered face with her pink acrylic nail.

She's been stitched from her browline down to the bottom of her ears after surgeons made an incision and pulled the skin tighter.

On the casual trip she was dressed comfortably in a cosy grey jumper with a black vest underneath.

As well as the facelift, Katie also had an operation on her eyelids to stop them dropping.

At the same time the telly star also had her recent bum lift reversed.

Her fiance Kris Boyson got himself a nose job during the trip and has since debuted his dramatically changed face.

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Chloe Ferry shows off her curves in high-leg swimsuit as she enjoys spa day and puts Amber Davies sex scandal behind her – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry showed off her killer figure in a high-leg swimsuit as she enjoyed a spa after her heartache at ex Sam Gowland's messages to Amber Davies.

The Geordie Shore star, 23, looked much happier as she unwound in the relaxing setting in the revealing one piece.

She knelt on a bed and smiled with a flute of bubbly.

Earlier this week Chloe hit back at fat shamers after cruel trolls sent her abuse.

Slipping into a figure hugging mini dress, she proudly showed off slimline body.

Chloe was flooded with compliments from famous friends and fans, as Nicole Charbass commented: "My girl love you."

Tyne-Lexy Clarson added: "Such a doll."

While Georgia Harrison posted a string of love hearts.

The reality star also shared a video of her in her bra and Nike leggings to give followers a closer look of her toned torso, before posting a variety of other clips of her in a different outfit of shorts and a cropped jumper.

She captioned one clip: "To the f***er who called me fat you know you who are."

Later in the day Chloe posted a video of her intense boxing session with personal trainer Cheryl.

Chloe has had a turbulent relationship with ex boyfriend Sam Gowland, 24.

The former couple first started dating in October 2017, and announced their split in May of this year.

The Sun Online then revealed that he had romped with a mystery Love Island star the following day.

Just last week Chloe shared screenshots of Sam's messages to Amber Davies – claiming they proved the pair had sex one day after she and Sam split.

A message sent by Sam in July read: "U gunna stop ignoring us on insta. U don't want what happened before to change out daft a**e! I'm good mates with ya (sic)", to which Amber replied: "Course we are still mates!!"

Chloe revealed Sam had also been messaging other girls while they were still in a relationship – and that both Amber and Sam had denied having sex when she confronted them in the past.

However, the former Love Island winner has denied claims she was romantically connected to Sam.

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Viewers of GMB furious over debate on single women having IVF on NHS

Should the NHS fund IVF for single women? Reality star Ashley James insists it’s her ‘right’ – but GMB viewers insist taxpayers it’s a ‘lifestyle choice’

  • Viewers of Good Morning Britain were furious over debate about single women 
  • Reality TV star Ashley James, 32, said she had ‘right’ to access IVF on NHS
  • But journalist Anne Atkins, 63, slammed idea, calling children a ‘lifestyle choice’ 
  • Many of those watching sided with Anne and were left stunned by the segment
  • One tweeted: ‘I don’t see how it is the NHS problem if you can’t have kids?’

Viewers of Good Morning Britain were left furious after a debate erupted on the programme over whether single women should be able to access IVF on the NHS. 

Reality TV star Ashley James, 32, who is single, insisted she should have the ‘right’ to access IVF on the NHS, rather than paying for the treatment privately.

Meanwhile journalist Anne Atkins, 63, slammed the idea, saying the NHS is ‘on it’s knees’ and is a ‘health service’, which shouldn’t be used for ‘lifestyle’ treatments.

Many of those watching were left stunned by the debate and sided with Anne, with one tweeting: ‘Somehow I don’t see how it is the NHS’ problem if you can’t have kids? Not everyone has kids. It’s not a necessity!’

Viewers of Good Morning Britain were left stunned by the debate, which saw reality TV star Ashley James say she had a ‘right’ to have access to IVF through the NHS, while journalist Anne Atkin slammed the idea 

Many of those watching took to Twitter with their fury, with one writing: ‘Somehow I don’t see why it’s the NHS problem you can’t have kids?’

Another posted: ‘No! The NHS should not fund IVF for single women sorry but what about all this children, babies that need adoption… plus people are desperately needing medical treatment and can’t get it! It’s not a health problem.’ 

Presenter Richard Bacon introduced the segment by explaining that NHS South East London refuse IVF to lone mothers, because they ‘place burden on society’.

In England, 35 per cent of IVF treatment cycles are NHS-funded, and each cycle costs between £3,000-£5,000. 

Richard Bacon said the NHS guidance for South East London took his breath away, citing the wording: ‘A sole woman is unable to bring out the best outcomes for the child.’

Many of those watching agreed wholeheartedly with Anne Atkin, who said the NHS is ‘on it’s knees’ and shouldn’t provide IVF to single women as having children was a ‘lifestyle choice’

Anne jumped in, slamming the statement as ‘ridiculous’, saying: ‘Absolutely outrageous thing to say, a blanket condemnation like that on the many, many single mums and dads in the country.’  

However she continued: ‘It is very well known actually that children of single mothers are hugely disadvantaged. Statistically.’

But while Anne insisted it was ‘a fact’, Ashley revealed: ‘This is what annoys me about the whole debate. 

‘I’m a single woman in my thirties, and I’m not single because it’s a lifestyle. I don’t want to be a single mother because its cool and modern. I haven’t found a partner.

Meanwhile reality star Ashley James said as a ‘single woman in her thirties’ she had ‘the right’ to have IVF on the NHS 

‘Surely it’s healthier to have a planned, very much wanted child, than to have an unplanned child, which – no judgement – does happen.’

She continued: ‘I pay my taxes like people do, the NHS is for everyone, I feel like I should have the right to have IVF.

‘Yes the NHS needs to make cuts, I’m not debating that, and I understand it’s not a medical life or death situation, we’re not debating that fact. But we’re debating that single woman are being targeted.’ 

But a passionate Anne explained that the NHS was struggling to fund health issues, including that of her daughter Lara who suffers from OCD, saying: ‘There’s a much more fundamental question here. This is a national health service. 

Ashley suggested single women were being ‘targeted’ and told how it was ‘single discrimination’ that they couldn’t use NHS for IVF 

‘As I understand it, it’s not women who have fertility problems. If a couple have been trying for a baby for two years, they have a biological issue.

‘If a single woman is going to have a baby because she hasn’t found a partner, that is not a biological issue. That is a lifestyle issue.’

Speaking of her daughter, who has OCD, Anne explained: ‘I have a daughter, your age, who has been ill for 20 years. 

‘She cannot get treatment because the NHS is on it’s knees, she cannot get treatment anywhere. That is a health issue and we cannot afford it.’

Anne and Ashley clashed throughout the debate, with Anne insisting that the NHS shouldn’t pay for something which is ‘not a health issue’

She furiously added: ‘Why should a health service pay for something that is not a health issue?’

Ashley said: ‘But most single women who are getting IVF treatment, the key driver of that is there are not male partners who are prepared to have children.

‘Would you like me to settle with the wrong person, there’s no guarantee that  if I picked a partner to have a child with that child wouldn’t end up with a single parent anyway.’

Clearly infuriated, she added: ‘I pay my taxes. People can have child benefits and everything else which I totally agree with and don’t resent, but at 38, 39, if this is something I’d like and it’s my human right and I decide this is something I’d like, why can’t I?’

Anne revealed that her daughter couldn’t get access to health services on the NHS, arguing that the system shouldn’t pay for other people’s lifestyle choices 

Anne retorted: ‘Given that we can’t fund the health service hat we need, we should not be funding something which is nothing to do with health.’ 

Ashley went on to call the issue ‘discrimination’ against single women, saying: ‘ I think there’s a lot of single discrimination.’

‘How come people are allowed to have children who might not have the means to pay for children, which may be funded by benefits, which is fine. But if I need to use the service, why are we having to debate morally if it’s our right?’

But a growingly frustrated Anne responded: ‘Because you haven’t got a health problem.’  

Ashley suggested that the argument was the same as arguing that people who access child benefits shouldn’t have children

Ashley went on: ‘Therefore are only rich people allowed to have IVF? Do you think that  we shouldn’t give benefits to people who have children but can’t afford them? It’s the same debate.’

But Anne responded: ‘Benefits are for people who can’t afford to live or bring up their children, our health service is a health service. It’s not a charity.’  

Ashley went on to call it a ‘harsh reality’ that women found themselves in that position. 

But Anne was insistent, saying: ‘If you can afford to raise a child on your own, you can afford to pay for IVF.’ 

Many of those watching were left furious by the debate and took to Twitter to slam Ashley’s argument 

Viewers were left infuriated by the debate, with many taking to Twitter to slam the idea. 

One wrote: ‘I have PCOS and have had 19 miscarriages, I can’t get any help so how come single mothers with no health issues get help for free but I can’t?’

Another commented: ‘The NHS is on it’s knees, IVF should be available privately. Wanting a child isn’t an urgent health problem. There are so many children in the foster system that need a family too.’

‘If there is NO medical need, then pay privately yourself. Don’t expect society to pay for your lifestyle choice,’ another wrote. 

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Katie Price fans question why Harvey is left out of family photo of her ‘beautiful children’

KATIE Price fans have questioned why her son Harvey was left out of a family photo of her "beautiful children".

The former glamour model, 41, shared an adorable snap of Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny.


My beautiful children💕 Boys wearing @juniorandjett.co.uk Girls wearing @princessandbunny.co.uk from new autumn collections all launching next week! ✨ & my gorgeous Harvey’s range coming soon!🐸 Photography by @vivienneedgephotography#partner

A post shared byKatie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

She captioned the pic: "My beautiful children! Boys wearing @juniorandjett.co.uk Girls wearing @princessandbunny.co.uk from new autumn collections all launching next week!  & my gorgeous Harvey’s range coming soon!"

But Harvey was notably absent from the snap – and her fans want to know why, as they likely forgot he's currently in residential care, so unavailable for the shoot.

One asked: "Where’s Harvey???

Another said: "Would love to see awesome Harvey in a family pic too. Harvey is a natural talent when it comes to engaging!"

A third wrote: "Looking forward to seeing harvey!"

A fourth said: "The cutest kids .. Wait. Where is Harvey?"

"He is the best on the show an ig. . truly love all the kids. Very well minored an so loving."

Earlier this month, Katie risked her life by getting her boobs reduced to a D-cup, her bum lift reversed and another face and eye lift last week – just three months after her last round of operations.

It is believed that the My Crazy Life star got her latest work for free, while she negotiated her boyfriend Kris Boyson getting his nose done for half price at around £1,500 for his operation.

An insider recently told The Sun Online: "Katie never turns down a freebie and that's why everyone is worried.

"She's in terrible pain now, it puts a huge strain on her body with all these surgeries. Every time she takes longer to recover."

And it's understood that Katie already has "huge regret" about going under the knife again for multiple procedures and has realised she's gone too far.

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Daughters inspired to share snaps of their youthful mothers to Twitter

Proud daughters share snaps of their VERY youthful mothers – including one who admits she can ‘still steal any man from me’

  • Unofficial beauty contest was started by a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia
  • She posted a photograph of her 43-year-old mother to Twitter, earlier this month
  • With more than 25,000 likes, the tweet received replies from other daughters 

Proud daughters from across the globe have taken to Twitter to share photographs of their youthful mothers, as they boast about their ageless beauty. 

The unofficial beauty contest was started by a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia, earlier this month, after she posted a snap of her 43-year-old mother.

‘My mum is 43, and she can still steal any man from me’, the unidentified woman wrote on her account, under the handle @shipilkinsuploaded.

With more than 25,000 likes, the tweet soon received replies from other daughters  around the world, eager to brag about their sprightly mothers. 

Here, FEMAIL looks at the most remarkable examples, collated by Bored Panda… 

The unofficial beauty contest was started by a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia, earlier this month, after she posted a snap of her 43-year-old mother (pictured). Shipilkins wrote: ‘My mum is 43, and she can still steal any man from me’

Another St Petersburg resident said that her 43-year-old mother is the glamorous one in the family, and joked that it makes her think she’s adopted

Vlad said that his teacher mother, 48, must be soaking up youth from her students 

Romus from Turkey stunned followers by sharing a snap of his mother who is 62, and has an amazing line-free complexion 

Another Russian daughter, V Shulepova, said that her mother is in the best shape of her life at 45

Margaita from Russia said that her mother, 43, was eager for her to share this bikini snap online, to show what great shape she’s in 

One daughter replied with a photograph of her trendy unnamed 40-year-old parent, clad in a white top with a golden clutch and bright pink lipstick as she stands at an undisclosed location

This unnamed woman’s daughter is constantly shocked when remembering her sprightly mother is 40-years-old, sharing a photo of the yummy mummy on holiday. It is unclear where the image was taken

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Ruzi, from LA, shared this snap of their mother who is about to turn 46 and is in fantastic shape after having three children 

Sakura from Belaurs they must be from a different family because of the mother’s youthful looks. Taking to Twitter, they wrote: ‘My mom’s turning 41, but everyone thinks she’s 34. I’m getting more and more sure that I was adopted.’

Olia Ray from Russia, said that her ‘almost 41-year-old’ mother’ is constantly mistaken for her daughter’s older sister

Joining the lively thread, another happy daughter posted a  picture of her 60-year-old mum as she posed in front of an undisclosed tourist attraction, looking much younger than her years

Another supportive daughter described her mother as ‘super beautiful’ after sharing an image of the 42-year-old wearing no makeup. It is unclear where the family are from

A Bored Panda user by the user name of Frau Rinyfox revealed how her mother-of-four, 41, is often called her sister, thanks to her youthful appearance. The location featured in the image is unknown

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Britney Spears reveals loneliness and mental health woes in heartbreaking post

Britney Spears has opened about her mental health struggles and feeling lonely in a heartbreaking post.

The Baby One More Time singer, 37, took to Instagram to slam the "fake" people around her and admitted she doesn't know who to trust.

She shared a quote that said: "Pay close attention to the people who don't clap when you win."

Alongside the words she explained that she was now going to "let the haters hate".

Britney explained: "Living in LA is such a trip!!! It can be lonely at times. You never know who to trust, and some people can be fake.

"I have a very small circle of friends, and simply do what makes me happy!!!"

Britney went on to say that she is shocked by the trolling that she receives on social media.

She added: "It breaks my heart to see the comments on my posts sometimes… so I simply choose not to look anymore.

"Let the clever haters do what they do best… hate!!!"

Her fans left hundreds of comments of support for the star.

One said: "I hate to read this. You've always spread happiness and love, you should receive the same. We love you Brit, stay strong and patient."

"The Britney army always has your back!!!!!!!! We LOVE YOU," another said.

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Muslims share their worst Muzmatch and Minder dating stories

We’ve shared plenty of horror stories from Tinder where we’re certain all the cringe-worthy matches are trolling us (are you really six feet though, are you?).

But there’s no shortage of Bad People over on religious-based apps either.

Muzmatch and Minder are two of the leading ‘halal’ sites for Muslim courtship but as with their secular counterparts, there’s a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Many use the app with the intention of finding someone to marry but sharing the same religion doesn’t cut down on those painfully awkward conversations.

And not everyone from the app is even Muslim (some fetishise the group).

There are plenty of success stories but they’re no fun, so we bring you some of the weirdest, most bizarre and nonsensical experiences from the different platforms.

Expect sex, hacking, catfishing and all the good stuff (with a few screenshots of the painful conversations).


One guy was an IT tech and he wanted to marry me but when I rejected him, he hacked my account and I never got it back.


Because I am visibly a Muslim, I get the fetish freaks. Most guys would tell me their sex fantasies. I never asked for it but it would just happen

I was very naive at first, and I had one guy ask me to send him pictures of my feet and he would go on and on about how he wanted to massage them.


We met online, chatted, exchanged messages and phone calls, arranging to meet. Ten minutes before the meeting, she cancelled the meeting saying something urgent has come up.

So I decided to meet up with my friends for dinner.  When we arrived at the restaurant, she was having dinner with another guy.  She saw me but there was no acknowledgement made. I unmatched her.


One guy wrote me a schedule of what he expected a wife to do sexually. It basically said I had to give him a blow job for breakfast and sex minimum three times a day. He said I needed to tend to his needs.


I met someone who suggested that we were in our forties and therefore needed to ‘f*ck’.


We exchanged a few messages online and ended up having an argument over text messaging and both agreed it was not going to work.

Three weeks later our friends suggested a blind date. We met up and got along, not realising we’d argued badly on the app.

We eventually got together and started planning for our wedding. One day we were talking about our ‘bad experiences on apps’ and discovered we had previously unmatched each other.


This guy kept telling me about his sexy grandma and his sexy mum. He then proceeded to ask for pics of me with my mum. That f*cked me up. He would say stuff like ‘you can cuddle my mum while I cuddle yours’.


A decade ago I tried a Muslim matching site. To be considered as a member there were some questions to answer before you were approved. My answers included my love of Islam as a western environmentalist and feminist, and that I would like a husband who really grasped the green nature of the religion.

I got a reply a few days later. A rejection. I was told it was a serious site and that I shouldn’t be playing around.


There was one guy I was talking to and he was sad because another girl he liked didn’t want to marry him.

He told me she was talking badly of him and to report her Snapchat account. Me being nosy, I messaged her to ask about him. She said she met up with him and saw the print of his manhood print [in his trousers] and wasn’t pleased.

He ended up sending naked pictures to her to justify his size and she complained to me that he didn’t live up to the size she was used to – astaghfirullah (seeking forgiveness from God).


We met on Muzmatch and exchanged messages, then texts and phone calls and then arranged to meet. He lived in Liverpool and I lived in London but he agreed to come down.

We had lunch together, and he asked me to cover the bill as he had travelled to London to see me, so I did. Later that evening I sent him a message saying it was not going to work out and wished him all the best.

A few days later, I received a payment request via PayPal for £60. The request was from the Liverpool guy saying: ‘Please pay the cost of travel as we are not compatible.’


I thought he was nice so we exchanged numbers. He wanted to speak on the phone but I said I don’t have any privacy.

I found him a bit annoying and clingy so I said ‘sorry I’m not giving you the effort that you want so I think we shouldn’t talk anymore’ and he goes ‘that’s a first’. I’m happy to be the first girl to reject you then, lad.

A week later, he asks if we can ‘start again’, stating he’s deleted all girls off his phone, (okay?) so I give him a chance.

I send voice notes and tell him to send some, but he says ‘he’s too manly’ (for voice notes?)

I’ve had enough at this point so I block him but then he adds me on Snapchat because he couldn’t handle the rejection or some psychological sh*t.

Anyway, I’ve blocked him everywhere now so I’m safe. He gave off clingy vibes, no thanks.

*All names have been changed and picture credits omitted to preserve anonymity.

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Demi Lovato Reveals Role in Will Ferrell's New Comedy Film Eurovision

Demi Lovato is heading to the big screen — again!

On Tuesday, Lovato, who starred in the animated films Charming and Smurfs: The Lost Village, announced that she has joined the cast of Will Ferrell‘s upcoming comedy film Eurovision.

To reveal the news, Lovato, 27, shared a video of Ferrell, who says, “We want to make a very special announcement about a brand new cast member.”

“It just happens to be her birthday today and I made her this wonderful cake from scratch,” Ferrell, 52, continues as he holds up a cake — clearly bought from a store.

“So happy birthday, yay,” Ferrell says before smashing the cake into the camera. The clip then transitions to show Lovato blowing out the candles while on set of the movie.

The film, which stars Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan, follows Icelandic musicians Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir as they are given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent their country at the world’s biggest song competition.

Lovato did not share what character she will play. A release date for the film has not yet been revealed.

The exciting announcement comes after the singer celebrated her birthday in London.

On Monday, Lovato — whose birthday is on Aug. 20 — shared a sweet video of her gal pal Ariana Grande leading a birthday chant in Lovato’s honor (as it was already Tuesday in the UK) ahead of the “thank u, next” singer’s concert at the London O2 Arena.

“This was too sweet not to post… before show prayer they did this for my bday,” Lovato captioned the clip, which shows Grande, 26, and her crew, as well as their shared manager Scooter Braun, cheering.” I’m so proud of you @arianagrande. You f—ing killed that!! I love you tons 💕.”

Demi Lovato

The pair also shared a warm embrace in the clip before Grande hit the stage.

Just before Grande’s show, Lovato also posted a mirror selfie of herself, captioning it, “Last day as 26 🖤.”

The birthday celebration didn’t end there. Lovato followed up with a final post, which shows her blowing out candles atop a birthday cake.

“Okay, last one before bed,” Lovato wrote.

“They literally filmed/sang happy birthday twice and @scotterbraun STILL forgot to press record 😂 @arianagrande’s face is everything,” Lovato said of Grande, who was visibly agitated.

“This video is a perfect glimpse of how f—ing happy and rad my birthday is this year. So so happy. and I love my new family. Thank you guys, love you 🙏🏼🙌🏼.”

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Sony Pictures Releases Statement on Spider-Man’s Future Amid Standoff with Disney

A rep for Sony Pictures is speaking out following the news that the studio could not reach an agreement with Disney to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man has been a character that has remained under the Sony Pictures umbrella for years, well before the MCU was even a thing.

Marvel president Kevin Feige will no longer serve as the lead producer on the Spider-Man films and Sony’s statement mainly reacts this part of the story.

“Much of today’s news about Spider-Man has mischaracterized recent discussions about Kevin Feige’s involvement in the franchise,” a Sony spokesperson told THR. “We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s decision not to have him continue as a lead producer of our next live action Spider-Man film.”

“We hope this might change in the future, but understand that the many new responsibilities that Disney has given him – including all their newly added Marvel properties – do not allow time for him to work on IP they do not own,” the statement added. “Kevin is terrific and we are grateful for his help and guidance and appreciate the path he has helped put us on, which we will continue.”

Want to know more about the situation? Read our original post on the story!

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