YouTuber Tana Mongeau wakes up to find ‘grown man’ filming her sleeping

Vlogger Tana Mongeau has shared a startling experience she just had on a flight, in which she woke up to find herself being filmed by a "grown man".

The 21-year-old took to Twitter to tell her 1.9million followers about the incident which seems to have left her seriously shaken.

The YouTube star wrote: "I just woke up on a plane in the dark sleeping to a grown man standing over me recording me sleep with flash on his iPhone. We made eye contact and he ran back to his seat. Fame is fun!"

Plenty of her fans rushed to share their thoughts, with one tweeting: "OMG WTF that's so creepy, ew."

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Another said: "That's the definition of not ok. What the actual f***?"

A third wrote: "In a not so nice way, you know you made it when you get those creepers so congrats but I'm sorry 'cause that's not fun, and you also don't deserve the creepers."

Someone else commented: "Crazy Tana should have popped out and poured water on him."

While a fifth added: "Should've followed him back to his seat and started recording him as well, a lot of creeps out here babe, stay safe, we love you."

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The creepy experience comes just a week after Tana won Creator of the Year at the 9th Streamy Awards.

Taking to Twitter after she won the trophy, Tana said: "This is the best moment of my life. Of my career. The most full circle I've ever felt. Oh my God…

"I will never be able to express my gratitude to Shane Dawson, my fans, Jordan, and my friends. F***.

"Oh and Jake."

This year, Tana tied the knot with fellow YouTubers Jake Paul and filmed it all for their channels.

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Tana's video "Becoming Tana Paul" has had more than 6m views since it was uploaded back in August.

She has 5.12m subscribers on her main YouTube channel, as well as 1.98m on her vlogging channel.

Meanwhile, Jake has a whopping 19.7m subscribers, with his "we got married" video racking up 9.4m views.

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