Usher’s Producer Reacts to Rumors of Herpes Song in ‘Confessions Part 3’

Jermaine Dupri says anyone who believes the ‘Burn’ hitmaker talks about contracting sexually transmitted disease in the upcoming studio album ‘is tripping.’

AceShowbizUsher poured his heart out in his upcoming album “Confessions Part 3“. However, fans were distracted by his lyrics that narrated his visit to emergency room because of a “sickness.” They’re convinced he sang about his herpes in the song.

As the singer was trolled on the internet, his longtime producer Jermaine Dupri came to his defense. He vehemently denied the subtle reference to his alleged STD, “I see y’all trippin… CONFESSIONS PART 3 is from a females perspective.”

Dupri claimed, “The song is about a girl cheatin’ on him and getting’ pregnant by another man. She is then being stuck with the decision to keep or abort it. Now that he knows, Should he stay or Leave ???”

Usher was sued by multiple women in the past for allegedly exposing them to sexually transmitted disease after engaging in unprotected sex with the star. In leaked court documents, he reached a settlement with one of the women for $1.1 million.

“Remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night?” he sings in his new album. “You said bae let me take you to the ER, I said, ‘Nah, Ima be aight’ / Well the next day I found out from f**king around that the sickness I had was life / And I was fixed with the decision to keep it, knowing I had to get rid of it.”

“I would do anything to get your trust back,” he continued. “Realise that we’re both wrong / No more lies we can move on / If you lose that trust you built for so long / Now that’s the test to see if you’re strong.”

Usher hasn’t responded to the herpes song rumors, but in the past, he vehemently denied he’s a carrier of the herpes virus.

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