Ulrika Jonsson dons skimpy bikini after ‘flirting’ with ex-boyfriend Hunter

Like many of us right now, Ulrika Jonsson is dreaming about jetting off to warmer climates.

The 53-year-old decided she'd had enough of not being able to sport her favourite two-piece and therefore decided to crank up the heat from home instead.

Capturing the stunning image herself from her kitchen, she posed in the floor-length mirror, exposing her fabulous figure in a lemon-coloured bikini that demanded attention.

The self-confessed "sun addict" seemed to boast an all year round tan as her bronzed skin glistened against the yellow fabric.

Crossing over her lengthy pins, she looked every bit a model as she worked her magic in front of the lens.

In keeping with her heritage, she'd braided her bombshell tresses into traditional Swedish braids, looking ready to bask in some sizzling sunshine.

The TV presenter captioned: "I can't wait to be wearing one of these again."

Ulrika's sassy snap lands in the wake of an affectionate post about her ex-boyfriend James Crossley, who was better known for his alter-ego Gladiator role of Hunter.

The pair had met on the agility-testing show back in 1996, with the hunky bodybuilder and the starlet sparking up a brief romance.

It seems that things may have ended on good terms, with Ulrika even willing to offer up some kind words of support 25-years on.

James recently took centre stage on the hit show The Circle, where he posed as NHS nurse named 'Gemma'.

He was, however, rumbled by the other contestants and later left the programme, which spurred on Ulrika's caring gesture.

Taking to Instagram, Ulrika shared a picture of her former flame, adding the caption: "It's too late at night for me to watch but he can be cute."

Her post seemed to spark up a lot of fan reaction which lead to a follow-up post from the former Gladiators host who was less than impressed.

She penned: "Didn't realise a message of support had to be viewed as flirty."

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