TV chef Ainsley Harriott baffled people are ditching turkey this Christmas

Ainsley Harriott is baffled people are ditching turkey this Christmas.

The TV chef, 64, thinks those replacing it with chicken or beef are clucking silly.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I’m very much a traditionalist. Everybody is going on about changing it and saying, ‘We’re not going to have turkey’. But why wouldn’t you?

“I mean, what other time of the year do you really eat turkey? I like it. It’s a lovely lean meat.

“I like the idea of it being traditional. I love roast turkey and loads of lovely vegetables, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, rich gravy and a traditional pudding.

“That’s what Christmas is. People say they want to have a beef Wellington. But you can have that any time of the year.

“Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, it should be a turkey.”

About 40% of Brits choose not to have turkey on December 25. Chicken is the most popular replacement, followed by beef. And some households even have a curry, steak, pizza or pasta.

Ainsley is always the one who cooks the festive dinner at his house to make sure it’s top notch.

He said: “I’ve got 11 coming over for Christmas Day this year. If you come to my house, you’ve got to eat the turkey and a lot of stuffing too!

“I always do the cooking. I don’t trust anybody else to do it. I haven’t ever had a disaster doing it because I’ve been cooking too long.

“People say turkey goes dry, but it won’t if you cook it right.”

Ainsley will be on the box on Christmas Day with his show Good Mood Food at 2pm on ITV.

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