Tracy Beaker’s Bouncer actor Ben Hanson’s incredible weight loss journey

Tracy Beaker actor Ben Hanson is best known for his role as Bouncer Plakova in the CBBC drama.

But today you might not recognise him, because he’s not only grown up – he’s undergone a massive weight loss transformation.

Ben, now 35, became one of the main characters in The Story of Tracy Beaker from season two to four.

Now, 16 years since he first hit our screens, he looks like a completely different person.

Over the past three years Ben has embarked on a fitness journey, and in the process lost a lot of weight.

Taking to Instagram, he shared his weight loss journey with his followers: “Transformation Tuesday… 3 years difference, less sunburn and a ton more focus. Bring back the sun and outdoor training…"

He continued: “My results come from being consistent with my training and my nutrition. I’m so proud of my journey so far but I have some serious work to from Xmas…”

Last July the actor shared yet another before and after snap with his fans, highlighting the massive transformation.

Ben captioned the photo: “Half naked idiot alert!! My body shape is an ongoing battle. These two photos are taken, only two months apart and the results of two back to back challenges."

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He added: “I am now also a qualified PT and am desperate to help others who want to embark on a life changing, weight loss journey”.

Ben went on to encourage those who need “help, assistance or advice” to get in touch with him.

He added: “I can honestly say I have never felt better and will continue the progression because that is what it’s all about, progress not perfection.”

Previously Ben would post snaps from the gym with his “gym buddy” Chelsie Paadley, who also starred in the Tracy Beaker series as Louise Govern.

More recently Ben has posted snaps of himself training with his girlfriend Lily Arabella, saying “Couples that train together….”

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