Tommy Fury says £1m isnt worth getting out of bed for to fight Jake Paul

Love Island star Tommy Fury has revealed why he has rejected Jake Paul’s £1million offer and argued that amount of money "isn’t worth getting out of bed for."

The 24-year-old vlogger updated fans about their upcoming fight earlier this year in which he revealed the 2019 Love Island winner has rejected two offers to fight him.

The monetary offer is now the third time the YouTube star has offered to fight the professional boxer – but Tommy admitted that the offer was too low to consider taking up the match.

The 22-year-old Manchester native took to his Instagram stories on Tuesday to share his thoughts on Jake’s latest offer and explain his decision to turn down the offer.

He told his loyal legion of fans: "I just wanted to come on here and address a few things that Jake Paul’s been saying.

"He’s called me out and said that I've denied two offers to fight him, which I have because those offers are not even worth talking about so I'm not even gonna address that.

"He’s said that he wants to give me a million pounds to fight him and I just want to say this.

"To everybody out there a million pounds for a fight of this magnitude is… it’s not even worth getting out of bed for. This fight is gonna gross millions and millions of pounds.

The reality star confessed that he wouldn’t consider fighting the American star until he makes him a "serious offer."

He continued: "I can’t walk down the street without someone asked me, ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul?’

"So, unless you wanna start bringing some serious offers to the table, pal, we can’t have a conversation."

The pair have been trying to arrange a boxing match for the past nine months but their calendars have clashed in the past and made the event itself unlikely to happen.

Now the pair are able to align their schedules, Tommy believes that Jake is using this tactic to get out of the fight altogether.

He added: "This is a very smart tactic in what he’s doing and used by a lot of fighters when they don’t want to fight somebody.

"It makes it look like to all the public that he’s offered plenty of times, he’s reached out to have the fight and I’ve turned him down and I don’t want the fight.

"But in boxing terms, a million pounds is nothing, especially for a fight of this size."

Determined to let the match go ahead, Tommy dished out some strong words to the American boxer.

"Tomorrow isn’t soon enough to fight you, I can fight you whenever: tonight, tomorrow, it doesn’t matter.

"Get your figures up and then we can talk," he argued.

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