Spice Girls star Geri Horner at war with neighbours in planning permission row

Geri Horner is reportedly at war with her neighbours.

The former Spice Girl, known to many as Ginger Spice, has got into a row with her fellow Oxfordshire residents over construction of her new stables.

According to The Sun, the 50-year-old author and her husband, 48-year-old F1 Red Bull boss Christian built a huge barn without seeking planning permission.

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The Oxfordshire couple are seeking retrospective approval over her stables to house 14 horses.

However, there are various objections from those who live around her in Oxfordshire.

A letter to the council reveal her neighbours are not happy at planning laws have reportedly been defied.

One neighbour claimed: “They have even re-routed public footpaths and installed their own style gates, how is that being allowed?”

Whilst another neighbour claimed their constructions have destroyed “the landscape and views” and even affected mobile phone signals.

Whilst another complaint said the structure they constructed on their estate was higher than the original barn that was replaced.

This comes as further plans for a greenhouse measuring 36ft was also denied by the Oxfordshire council.

Daily Star has contacted Geri's representative for a comment.

The singer is not the only Spice Girl to have had problems with their Oxfordshire neighbours as fellow girl band member Victoria Beckham was previously at odds with local residents over plans to develop her own property.

As part of the major construction plan, Victoria and her husband David Beckham previously wanted to build a 24-hour security gatehouse, wine cellar, a heart shaped pond and underground tunnel at their Cotswold property

But one neighbour complained to the council suggesting the Beckham’s wanted to “bring suburbia into the countryside”.

The complaint read: “if they had wanted all they have applied for why not find an estate which was big enough to accommodate all of this."

It added: “They also add 'to the enjoyment of family living'. If they don't want to live in the countryside in an open area of green fields, why buy the properties in the first instance after all they have properties in Los Angeles, Florida, New York and London.”


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