Scarlett Moffatt unveils temporary teeth as she prepares to have veneers redone

Former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt took to Instagram to unveil her temporary and "fake" teeth as she prepares to have new veneers fitted in the next few weeks.

The 30-year-old could barely move her "numb" mouth as she attempted to talk to the camera to showcase her dentistry results so far.

Trying hard to crack a smile while her lips remained desensitised she showcased that she had a gap between her two front teeth that would soon be closed up.

Speaking to fans she explained that she was glad to finally be making headway with the procedure as people had started "to mistake her for Madonna".

The TV star said: "So I've just woken up. I've had some dentistry done today.

"My mouth is still very numb. But I've got temporary tops on now.

"These are my fake ones, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have new veneers which I am very excited about."

Scarlett revealed that she is visiting Queensway Dental practice in Newcastle before touching on the recent mistaken identity blunder.

She said: "My old ones that I had in London started moving and I had a gap – people started to mistake me for Madonna.

"There's only one Madonna, so I'll stick to being Scarlett Moffatt."

The former TV reviewer left fans on the floor this week after she'd roped her boyfriend Scott Dobinson in to remove her old hair extensions.

Like everyone at the moment, Scarlett has been unable to visit her local salon since October last year as shops and hairdressers remain closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Having had false locks in for some time now, Scarlett opted to remove them in order to keep her tresses fresh for the next visit to see her stylist.

Letting her boyfriend run wild with the scissors, she bravely told fans: "Jo who does my lovely hair extensions has sent me a video on how to remove them because I did get them in for my birthday in last year.

"They are in good condition but I need to take them out and prep them for the next time I can see Jo in real life."

"So guess who's gonna take them out for us!?"

Scott crept into view of the camera, responding nervously: "I'm gonna try."

After her beau had hacked away for some time, Scarlett was seemingly unimpressed with Scott's skills as she returned to camera saying "What's this?" with her hair worn in a bun.

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