Piers Morgan vows to cancel the wokies like Meghan Markle with new TV show

Piers Morgan is out to take down the "wokies" that include the likes of Meghan Markle with his brand new TalkTV programme.

The 57-year-old television personality recalled a moment where he had been inspired by a random Australian lady who gave him her "full support over that damn Markle debacle".

He pondered over his reasons for quitting Good Morning Britain after he'd said he didn't believe Meghan Markle's claims in the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

At the time, Piers had racked up a record number of complaints to Ofcom for his views – with one grievance even coming from the Duchess of Sussex herself.

Writing in his column for the Daily Mail, Piers glanced back at the moment ITV executives demanded for him to "apologise" for having an opinion on the matter.

With the 80-year-old Aussie lady who had approached Piers randomly in the street reminding him, "you're allowed to have an opinion".

She told him during their encounter: "You’re allowed to have your opinion. People such as Meghan want to control what we’re allowed to say, and tell us how to lead our lives, but they never practise what they preach. They’re hypocrites."

"The problem with all these wokies is they just want to suck all the joy out of life! Don’t let them get away with it, Mr Morgan," urged the stranger.

The words from their conversation really resonated with Piers and at that point he had an epiphany thought to himself that he would take on the cancel culture – and cancel them himself.

In response, he penned in his column: "I don’t think I’ve ever heard the malevolent cancel culture mob better described, nor felt such a sudden surge of clarity for a new purpose in life flow through my veins. I was now on a mission: to cancel the cancel culture."

Piers is kicking off his new TV show with an exclusive interview with Donald Trump – and from the trailer it's already looking like it's going to be one to watch.

Piers Morgan Uncensored launches tomorrow on TalkTV at 8pm.

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