Peter Andre says racist thugs once pulled a knife and threatened to kill him

Peter Andre has opened up about a terrifying experience during his time living in Australia.

The 48-year-old was left scared to return to nightclubs until his thirties after a racially motivated incident.

The dad-of-four was enjoyed a night out in Sydney during his youth when racist thugs pulled a knife on him.

Writing in his new! magazine column, the singer looked back on his incredible career before recalling the traumatic incident.

He said: "A lot of incredible things have happened over the past 30 years, from winning awards to world tours, to the ultimate blessing of having my children.

"But there have been some challenging times, too."

Peter went on to explain the terrifying incident and how his would-be attackers threatened to end him "there and then."

He said: "When asked about the bullying and racism that I and my siblings suffered as kids in Australia, I recalled a horrific incident in a nightclub in Sydney.

"A group of guys cornered me and one of them put a knife to my throat and threatened to finish me there and then."

He continued: "That night really scared me and put me off going to places like clubs for a while. I did go to them again in my thirties, but I always felt very wary and uncomfortable."

Peter who was born in London and relocated to Australia at the age of six.

He moved back to the UK after his music career took off in the 1990's and has been unable to reunite with his Australian family for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mysterious Girl singer has previously opened up about experiencing racist abuse during his childhood.

Speaking on the YouTube series Life With The Andres in July 2020 he admitted some teachers would call him racist names.

"We suffered racism bad as kids and called greasy wogs. I was beaten quite a few times from kids at the school," he said while speaking with his brother Danny Andre.

He added: "To this day I don’t wear my hair curly purely because when I look in the mirror I see what those kids used to call me, even now at 47 years old. You'd think I'd be over it."

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