Noel Gallagher furiously slams Insulate Britain protesters blocking motorways

Noel Gallagher has branded traffic-jamming Tarquins "f***ing middle-class idiots" who deserve to be run over.

The Champagne Supernova star is livid at the road-blocking antics of Insulate Britain eco-crusties, who have brought parts of London to a standstill.

Ex-Oasis guitarist Noel, 54, raged: "They’re f ** a**holes.

"Why can't they be legally ran over? Or at least thrown off a bridge? It's f**** middle class white idiots with f*** all better to do.

"It’s middle class, white f ** idiots who need a kick in the b ** s and then thrown in the Thames. They're just d****.

"The police are pussies as well, big fannies who are hamstrung by social media. They can't give anyone a clip round the ear who deserves it.

"It's yet another load of [s***] driven by social media which is the playground of c suckers."

Noel said the protesters were ignoring the work Britain had done to reduce emissions.

He added: "England is the size of a matchbox on this planet. If England becomes carbon neutral the world is still going to f ** implode.’"

The protesters have stopped ambulances getting patients to hospital and truckers stocking up shelves by gluing themselves to carriageways.

Yesterday they told the High Court in London that motorway speed limits should be cut to just 10mph when they are demonstrating.

Dr Diana Warner, 62, a member of the Extinction Rebellion offshoot, said highways bosses needed to work with them to "ensure safety for everyone".

She spoke out as a judge extended an injunction barring them from obstructing traffic.

Noel's rant follows an unearthed clip of the star revealing he was punched on stage by a fan after sleeping with his girlfriend.

In the clip shared to TikTok, the High Flying Birds frontman said: "This geezer took it upon himself to jump up on the stage through security and he punched me in the eye with this ring on or something, bit of blood everywhere."

"[It was] actually because he found out I was sleeping with his girlfriend," he added;

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