Michael Jackson CANCELLED his concert when he learned of Princess Diana’s death

Michael Jackson was a good friend to Princess Diana. So then, it makes sense that he was truly devastated when he learned of her death in 1997. Shortly after Diana’s death, Jackson participated in an interview with Barbara Walters about what he did next.

Jackson first explained how he felt when he learned of Diana’s passing.

To which he explained he “collapsed in grief” when he was first told.

That wasn’t all, however, as mentioned by Walters during the interview.

The reporter pointed out that, after he had heard of Diana’s death, Jackson cancelled the next concert he was supposed to play.

What’s more, when he did return to the stage, he made it a little different.

Jackson’s follow-up concert saw him dedicating the entire performance to Lady Diana’s memory.

On what he said during that concert he responded: “In my heart I was saying: ‘I love you Diana.

“‘Shine and shine on forever. You are the true princess of the people.'”

A little emotional, he added: “In words I did not say, but I said it in three minutes by showing a big picture [of Diana] on the jumbotron screens.”

On what songs he dedicated to the late princess, Jackson said: “I played the song Smile and Gone Too Soon.”

Earlier in the interview Jackson told the heartbreaking story of how he learned of the princess’ tragic and haunting death.

He recalled: “I woke up, and my doctor gave me the news.

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“And I fell back down in grief, and I started to cry.”

Jackson then described a physical pain in his body after learning of her death.

“The pain I felt,” he explained. “It was inner pain in my stomach and in my chest.

“I said: ‘I can’t, I cannot handle this! It’s too much.”

“Just the message,” he said. “And the fact that I knew her personally.”

Jackson had previously confessed that he once took the song “Dirty Diana” out of his set list because he knew Princess Diana was attending his show.

Although the song wasn’t based on Princess Diana, Jackson explained he didn’t want to dishonour her in some way.

But when she later met with Jackson, Diana demanded that she played the song.

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