Love Islands Sharon Gaffka has a hot younger brother who looks just like her

They often say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and with Sharon Gaffka's younger brother Adam this definitely seems to be the case.

The hot young chap bears a striking resemblance to his sister Sharon who is currently appearing on ITV dating show Love Island.

But unlike beauty queen Sharon, who works as the operations lead for the Department of Transport, Adam has gone down a completely different route career wise.

After graduating from the University of Birkbeck in London, the dashing young lad opted for a career in medicine.

At the moment, Adam works as a certified nursing assistant for the NHS and was previously on call to help out during the pandemic.

Although his sister is quite the avid social media user, Adam prefers to only upload content on his Instagram now and again.

In fact, it was Sharon who persuaded him to join the platform, as he revealed in his first upload in April 2019.

He wrote at the time: "Finally gave into @sharongaffka demands to download Instagram," adding an eye-roll emoji.

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She wrote underneath: "You love it! Don't lie!"

The brother and sister both grew up with their parents in Oxford, but things were not always easy for the family after they discovered their mother Linda had bowel cancer.

Brunette bombshell Sharon, 25, has been involved in beauty pageants from when she was a teen and often used her winnings to help support her mum and other charities.

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Speaking to Oxford Mail in 2013 about an upcoming beauty contest at the time, Sharon said: "My mum is my inspiration. I’m hoping to win for her.

"She got bowel cancer which spread to her liver, but she has had all her surgery now and got the all-clear on November 1. After all my mum has been through it would be great if I could win."

Since appearing on this year's Love Island, Sharon has certainly had viewers' tongues wagging.

The stunner, who was originally partnered with PE teacher Hugo Hammond in week one, ensured she vocalised her opinions on the type of man she's into and hastily informed the sports fanatic that they would be better off as friends.

Things became even more awkward between the pair when Sharon believed Hugo was ignoring her.

Discussing her concerns with the lad, she said: "I am annoyed that we’re in a couple, we share a bed together and you’ve not had a conversation with me since."

Making sure she gets the best experience possible from the show, Sharon has since moved on to Aaron Francis, and so far, things appear to be going well between the two.

On Monday night, Sharon and Aaron finally shared a bed with each other and they could be seen kissing between the sheets.

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