Love Island’s Nas and Eva reached out to his ex Demi after cancer diagnosis

Eva Zapico and Nas Majeed made headlines when they appeared in series six of Love Island last year.

In the villa, Nas had originally coupled off with Demi Jones, until Eva’s late arrival in Cape Town on Day 23.

Nas admitted Demi was "out of sight, out of mind" when he went into the other villa, as he had a "better connection" with Eva.

Speaking after his exit, Nas initially said: "Going into Casa Amor, [Demi] was at the forefront of my mind on day one.

"But yeah, out of sight, out of mind. When you do have a genuine connection with someone else, it’s impossible to ignore that.

"I really had to go with my heart over my head."

And now, after Demi was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last month, Nas and Eva confirmed that they have reached out to Nas’ ex to show her their support.

They admitted they "both reached out to Demi."

Eva explained to Daily Star: "I message her every time she puts something on her social media, just to let her know we’re here for her, and that we’re thinking of her."

It comes after Demi shared an "amazing" update on her health, taking to her Instagram story to candidly address her fans.

"I had some amazing news yesterday. I am trying to do this thing that anything that is cancer related now – I am trying to go through it, digest it and understand it with me and my friends and family first and then come on social media and discuss my journey," she said in the video.

"So yesterday I went to have my stitches out, but again the scar is looking absolutely amazing… My results came back from the other side of my thyroid and it wasn't cancer on the other side," Demi explained.

"So we have got the tumour removed, there is no cancer on this side so that's looking really, really optimistic."

And though she’ll have to proceed with iodine treatment and "further consultations", Demi said her prognosis is "looking positive".

Since their exit from the villa, Nas and Eva have been going from strength to strength together – with their sights set firmly on the future.

And it appears Eva, at least, is set on a "huge" wedding, in a "big castle" or a "mansion".

"It’s all about the girl, isn’t it?" Eva giggled, before insisting she’d never let boyfriend Nas loose on a show like Don’t Tell The Bride, in which the groom organises the entire wedding.

"If I was on that show it would be entertainment galore," Nas giggled. "Eva probably wouldn’t even turn up on the day. She’d stand me up if I dared take over the reins of organising our wedding."

Eva went on: "Nas would like somewhere abroad, but I think I want my wedding to be so huge I don’t think it would be possible for that many people to go out, to be honest.

"I’d like it in the summer, in a big castle or a big mansion," she said.

"I’d have a really big party with absolutely everyone we know, loads of food, everyone having a good time. Definitely just a really big wedding."

Nas quickly quipped: "A girl can dream!"

But it appears the couple don’t have any immediate plans to tie the knot.

"We’re only young at the moment," Eva said. "I’m just turning 23 next month and Nas just turned 25, so we’re not really ready to get married and have kids yet, but it is something we’ve talked about."

Nas elaborated: “The good thing about our relationship is that we’ve got our own pace.

"It’s easy to fall into the Love Island thing where it’s really intense in the villa, you need to get together straight away and accelerate through the relationship. So in a sense it’s nice to go at our own pace."

The 25-year-old hunk went on: "I really wanted to be sure, I didn’t want to succumb to the pressures of other Love Island couples. We do talk about marriage, and talk about kids, and it is really cute that we have conversations like that. We’re curious about each other."

Nas and Eva are both working on various projects at the moment, with Nas diving headfirst into the world of e-sports with a presenting gig and Eva choosing to concentrate on her social media.

But neither of them would rule out a return to reality TV in future – and they reckon something like Made In Chelsea could be perfect for them.

"All the dating shows are off limits, of course!" Nas joked. "I really enjoyed my Love Island experience. Everything was novel to me, everything was exciting. So I’d be down to do another reality TV show. Something like Made In Chelsea or TOWIE, one of those."

Eva joked: "We ain’t got the posh accents for it, though!"

"Made In Chelsea is sort of a guilty pleasure for me," Nas said. "I tend to be nonchalant, on my phone, but it is quite juicy, so I wouldn’t mind being on something like that."

Eva also opened up about her "scary" experience after her Instagram account got hacked earlier this year.

"The hackers kept calling my phone at three, four o’clock in the morning, and I’d wake up to 10 missed calls from these weird people. It was honestly quite bad," she said.

"They were contacting Nas and my family through my Instagram, telling me they’d give my account back for money and sending threats. It was scary."

Thankfully, Eva did manage to get her account secured in the end, though she admitted at one point she hoped the entire account would just be deleted.

"I was worried that they had an audience of 140,000 followers. They could post anything, and all these people are going to see it," Eva fretted. "All I wanted Instagram to do at that point was delete the account."

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Aside from their social media duties, Eva and Nas are also hoping to launch a podcast together.

"It would be about relationships, banter really, maybe some lighthearted debating of topics," Eva suggested.

"We’d cover dating, Boy Vs. Girl, what do boys think about this, what do girls think about this," Nas elaborated.

The new series of Love Island begins on Monday, June 28 on ITV.

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