Katie Price told Harvey would never be able to see until Uri Geller cure

Uri Geller, an Israeli-British illusionist and magician, baffled Katie Price after "curing" her son Harvey with his infamous "spoon bending" stunt.

Katie, who used to take Harvey everywhere with her when she would have work meetings, brought her son along to her Richard & Judy appearance when he was still little.

The mother-of-five ended up chatting to illusionist Uri Geller and she opened up about what she had been through with her son Harvey.

In an odd turn of events, he told her that he could "guarantee" that one day he would see and asked if he could try something out.

Speaking in her new book, Katie Price: Harvey & Me, Katie said: "I was thinking, 'What are you on about What a load of bulls**t!'

"We'd been told by doctors that he was blind and he will never be able to see, so why did this guy think he could perform a miracle? Did he think he was Jesus or something?"

Katie recalled how Uri began rubbing the spoon which started to bend, and he then gave her the spoon and said: "Keep this spoon. I don't know when, but one day your son will see."

She added: "And now, Harvey obviously does. Now I'm not saying it's anything to do with Uri Geller. But when you look at Harvey's medical records, his eyes have not changed at all since he was a baby. They're exactly the same.

"He has no optic nerve, so how can he now see? We have absolutely no idea."

Katie said that whenever Harvey visits the specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital, they're "fascinated".

She confessed that she's unsure if it's Uri's influence or the fact that she and her mother Amy attempted to stimulate his eyes from a young age – but she can't put her finger on it.

Although Harvey's vision is still restricted, Katie has praised him for how well he gets on at home, adding: "If you saw him walking around the house, you'd think that he could see perfectly fine."

However, she did say she's aware that that Harvey would never be able to go to the shops on his own and would always need someone with him.

As she praised her eldest, Katie added: "Who would have thought it? My little boy, who was told he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk, can now do both– and everything in between."

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