Katie Price posts gushing tribute to fiancé Carl Woods to mark one year together

Katie Price is celebrating her one year anniversary with Carl Woods.

The 43-year-old posted a gushing tribute to her younger lover on Instagram saying he is “absolutely perfect” and that she “loves him so much”.

The sweet picture montage shows a collection of snaps of the pair, from being on a rollercoaster to racing on a jet ski to snuggling up on a sofa.

Katie’s “look” also changes throughout the montage, going from blonde to raven-haired to balayage.

The vid is captioned: "1 year anniversary with my world.”

Carl, 31, is a former Love Island star and a car dealer from Essex.

Katie has previously described him as her "Prince Charming”.

She is desperately keen to have another child – her sixth – with Carl and has admitted she is undergoing fertility treatment.

Katie is already mum to Harvey, 19, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six.

Harvey’s dad is footballer Dwight York, Junior and Princess’s is Peter Andre and she shares the youngest two with Kieran Hayler.

Even though Katie is going through IVF she said she still wants to lose weight before she gets pregnant so she is prepared to have more surgery.

She said during Steph’s Packed Lunch: “I have tried so much to lose weight. I do want a baby and obviously, we’re doing IVF so we’re doing the protocols with that.”

She continued: “But I just want to shift some weight before I do it so I am going to have surgery.

““I’m normally 54kg and now I’m about 68, and that is a lot for me.”

Katie also recently spoke out about being a mum in the public eye and how it can “hurt” having the public and media judging her parenting style.

Despite her larger than life personality and “thick skin”, she admitted the slurs sting.

Katie said: “People feel they can say what they want.

“I call them the parent police. I am definitely no Mary Poppins and a lot of people do look up to me as a role model, but I do make mistakes.

"I find criticism of my parenting skills upsetting."

She also said that she would never “force” her children into the limelight and if they don’t want to be on camera, she would “100 per cent” never make them.

Katie also stated that both Princess and Junior have “big personalities” and are both “switched on” since they grew up in the spotlight.

Both teens are also very popular, she said, so can stand up for themselves if their peers take the mick out of their famous mum.

She added: “Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes. I’m sick to death of trying to justify everything about my life."

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