Kate Garraway waiting for plague of locusts as home floods in latest trauma

Kate Garraway has revealed she is "waiting for a plague of locusts" to hit after her house flooded in the latest in a line of traumas.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was thrilled recently as she welcomed her husband Derek Draper home from hospital after a year-long battle with Covid-19.

The move meant making plenty of changes to her home to make it more accessible for Derek, who now struggles to walk.

But things were thrown into disarray when Kate's house flooded ahead of her son's birthday party.

Speaking on Smooth Radio on Monday, she explained: "All sorts of things were going on at our house. We had a flood as well.

"I know, I know. I’m just waiting for the whole plague of locusts now, because it feels like we’ve had everything going on in our house!"

Kate admitted she is "dealing with family stuff" and so hasn't been able to post much on social media in a candid Instagram as her Smooth Radio show aired.

Looking cosied up in a knitted red and yellow scarf, paired with a beige woollen coat and burgundy jumper, Kate posed beside her producer James for a sweet catch-up snap.

She posted alongside the sweet picture: "Hey, sorry not been on here for a while – went below the radar for a bit to focus on home and family stuff – more of that to come.

"But what lovely news to come back to @smoothradio with this morning – our show now has a record breaking over 2.5million listeners!" she added.

"So glad you love the show as much as I do & here’s the star of it – my brilliant producer @jamesdanielsjd. See you tomorrow at 10!"

It isn't clear whether Kate was referencing the flood her house suffered back in July this year, which she revealed on GMB was caused by the torrential downpour across the country.

She explained to weather presenter Alex Beresford on the show: "My weather week has been… I have lived the weather of the week, Alex."

She went on: "Severe flooding in the storms on Monday night so woke up on Tuesday morning to find… we live on a hill – so you come in the door at one level and you go down the steps to the back garden – everything underneath completely flooded."

Her co-host Charlotte Hawkins exclaimed at the time: "Oh no!"

Kate responded: "Completely flooded. Total nuisance. Total nightmare."

Kate has certainly been put through the wringer in her personal life lately, as she revealed she received medical treatment for an inflamed cornea after fans spotted her eye trouble on GMB.

Posting a snap of her eye – which she could barely open – on Instagram, Kate explained: "Ouch! But thanks to the brilliant @nhs team @moorfieldsuae not permanent.

"Inflamed cornea caused probably by wearing my contacts for too long on some very long days recently. Hence the glasses on @gmb on Friday.

"And to think I nearly didn’t get it checked out as was wanting to get back home to do some physio with Derek. A further reminder if you are a carer, parent or anyone really you have to sometimes put yourself first, otherwise you are no use to anyone you are trying to help.

"48 hours of putting drops in every hour day AND night & I will be back on track. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!" Kate summed up.

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