Jodie Marsh brands Michael Barrymore ‘scum’ in savage Twitter attack

Jodie Marsh has let rip at Michael Barrymore in a savage Twitter attack.

The glamour model made the comments after watching Channel 4 documentary Barrymore: The Body in the pool.

The documentary revisited the tragic house party in which Stuart Lubbock was found dead in the Michael Barrymore's outdoor pool.

Venting her anger about Barrymore, Jodie wrote to her 563,000 followers "I feel for the Lubbock family so much.

"I have first hand experience of what a narcissistic bully Barrymore is."

Not stopping there she continued: "This is making me sick.

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"Had I known that I would be doing CBB with Barrymore I wouldn’t have done it but my agent at the time was useless.

"I found out after I got inside the house that I was there with someone I viewed as scum.

"If I’d have walked out my charity wouldn’t have been paid. It was vile."

After one follower hit out at Jodie for 'passing judgement from a TV show' Jodie replied: "Firstly these are FACTS.

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"And secondly I lived with that p**** Barrymore for a week (not consensually) so this is a perfectly formed judgement."

Jodie went on to claim she confronted Barrymore about the death while inside the camera-filled house.

The businesswoman alleged: "I remember in CBB Barrymore said something to me along the lines of 'I’ve got a problem with vegetarians' (I was one).

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"I replied 'well I’ve got a problem with people dying in swimming pools' – he went off and fake cried for hours."

Shortly before Channel 4's documentary on Thursday night, Barrymore released a statement insisting his innocence in the death.

DCI Stephen Jennings said three people arrested in connection with the death, including Barrymore, have not been "completely eliminated" from inquiries, while the five other people are still being treated as witnesses.

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